She knows when and where to strike

The Hippy and I bought a Wii over the weekend.  This is a very bad thing for a number of reasons…


Finally, a game system made for someone like me.  Yes, I am a full-body gamer.  I can’t even play Tetris without putting my whole body into it.  So now I can play sports in the comfort of my living room.  And my arms are telling me to cut it out.  Or do it more.  Either way, they hurt!  Especially from the boxing!  Oof!

Also, I’m not getting a damn thing done.  I’m lucky I even made dinner for myself last night……  Mmm, cheese sauce…

Anyway, my goal is to somehow balance using the Wii to exercise and have fun AND still get everything done.  And do real exercises.  I might be going to Florida in the nearish future, and I want to be able to wear my bathing suit without wanting to kill myself.


2 thoughts on “She knows when and where to strike

  1. rocketdog says:

    Here’s the plan….I will take the Wii off your hands until you get everything done. Then, you come to Canada to see where I’m hiding…only then can you get your Wii back 🙂

    Where did you get the Wii?? I want one…..


    • DK says:

      Why are you in Canada without me? How about this… I’ll steal the Wii, and we’ll meet at the airport to find the first flight to Canada. I would prefer Newfoundland, but I will settle for Toronto or even Vancouver.

      Target. When you get one, our Miis can start mingling. I think. Supposedly. We haven’t been able to get it to work. I made a Mii for dad, which I think is hilarious.


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