Headless Chicken

It feels like I don’t have days off anymore.  All my days have been booked solid!  Of course, when I do have days without any obligations whatsoever, I get bored and start planning impromptu antiquing outings.  And then when I have days off from work that I’m supposed to use to… oh… sew Christmas presents, I end up trapped for an entire weekend 15 miles from home because of…

17.1 Inches of snow pretty much falling all at once.  I stubbornly went into work on Saturday, despite a massive snowstorm.  Hell froze over, apparently, and they closed my store 5 hours early.  Once I got outside, and I realized my cell phone battery was almost dead, I decided I better not try to drive home.  Instead I headed to my parents’ house and was there until late afternoon on Sunday.  Blew my whole weekend.

So now I’m playing catch up.  I have a delicious blog post planned, but other than that it may be slim pickings around here until I get my holiday crafting done.  Which is not to say it hasn’t been slim up until this point, but I always have such good reasons, don’t I?


Stay Back Stay a Live!

I had to stare at a school bus with that written in the dust on the back exit door.  I had to stare at it for a very, very long time today.  Longer than anyone, let alone an editing freak should have to stare at “Stay a Live.”

I had to stare at it because I decided to take a new route home today.  Let me amend this by saying I adore this new route.  It drives through a little neighborhood that I, for some reason, feel incredibly drawn to.  Like if The Hippie and I were to move again tomorrow, that’s where I’d move.  If I could afford it.  Which I probably can’t.  It reminds me of many of the places I’ve called home, regardless of whether I’ve lived there or not.  It has the best of nearly every world.  Everything close by, quaint mainstreet, gorgeous boulevards and houses, and a train.


There are two things I require of a place in order to feel like home.  Airplanes and trains.  I grew up within a stones throw of both a train track and an airport, and those sounds are comforting to me.

I do not, however, like getting stuck waiting for a train to go by.  Which is where I found myself today, staring at the back of the bus.  I should have known better.  There always seemed to be a train going over the highway when I went home at 3.  But I didn’t even think about the fact that this route would take me over, not under, the tracks.

Don’t get me wrong.  I find trains fascinating.  But this train was obscenely long.  Which is always fun when your gas tank is almost on E, no?

Running Joke…

My business partner/dear friend and I have this running joke that local news guy Jason DeRusha is my best friend.  I’ll be honest; I’ve never spoken to the man.  He seems awesome, and his mother-in-law has bought a bunch of cozies from us, but we’re only friends in the facebook sense of the word.  So I was quite happy to report to her just now that my best friend is hilarious.  And I’ll share it with you, too.

Dear Drivers in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Stop being so douchy.  There.  I said it.  I have to spent 5x more time in my truck now, and the general population on the road is starting to make me angry.  Let’s go over DK’s rules of the road, shall we?


The speed limit is just that: the limit.  Don’t expect me to drive faster than that.  You’re welcome to, just don’t cut close to my truck as you’re weaving in and out of the lanes.  That doesn’t tell me I’m going slow, it just tells me you’re a jerk.  Listen.  My gas milage is more important to me than ever.  I’m not going to go over 60.  If the limit is 55, I’m going to go 55.  If the limit is 60, I’m going to hover around 59-60.  This doesn’t happen often, but when the limit is 65, I’m going to go 60.  Just get over it.  Go around me if it’s convenient, but don’t you dare ride my ass, or I will go slower.

I will admit now that I’m a hypocrite.  But only if you’re being a jerk.  If you’re a jerk, I will be a jerk right back.  In addition to going slower when someone tailgates me, I will do anything in my power to keep people from darting in and out of lanes in a vain attempt to get someplace faster.  I will try really hard to keep pace with the cars around me just so someone can’t keep switching lanes.  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t block people who are calmly trying to get around me.  It’s the cars you see in your mirror, or the ones ahead of you that you happen to catch up with zinging left and right after every car they pass.

Speaking of speeding…  If you can’t make a turn while staying in your lane, you’re going too fast.  I’m tired of being pushed out of my lane by people who insist on straddling the line as they pass me.  I’m not talking tire on the line, I’m talking about two feet into my lane.  Foot off gas, hang up the phone, head out of ass… whatever.  Just get out of my lane.  I’m very possessive.  Especially when it comes to living.  Look, if a road is under construction and the lanes are narrower than they used to be…. and the curves are sharper… you can’t drive the same way you did before they started tearing things up.  It’s just a fact of life.  Chill out, slow down, and enjoy the ride.

I try to take a rather zen approach to driving.  I avoid road rage, mostly because I don’t think it’s healthy to get upset over such little things.  But my dander is up, and I needed something to post about anyway.  Plus I “read” the lolcat book today, and there’s a road rage kitty that cracks me up.  Similar to the picture I used, but not quite.  Couldn’t find it online, but I didn’t try very hard.  I stopped when I found that one.

PS: I am the queen of hurting myself!  I got a paper cut under my right index finger nail, a TAPE cut on my right middle finger (yes, I cut myself on a piece of tape!), and a cardboard cut on my right thumb.  I was going for all five, but alas… Maybe tomorrow.

Better late than never!

Sorry I’m so late in getting this up–hope you can still make it!

On Sunday, December 7th, we will be selling at The Handmaidens’ Minneapolis Craftmas Show. Our booth will be located on the main level against the wall. Click here for more information.



The sale will be held at the Ballentine VFW from 10am-5pm. 2916 Lyndale Ave. So, Minneapolis, MN. Hope to see you there!