Better late than never!

Sorry I’m so late in getting this up–hope you can still make it!

On Sunday, December 7th, we will be selling at The Handmaidens’ Minneapolis Craftmas Show. Our booth will be located on the main level against the wall. Click here for more information.



The sale will be held at the Ballentine VFW from 10am-5pm. 2916 Lyndale Ave. So, Minneapolis, MN. Hope to see you there!




I’m reasonabily certain that isn’t the first time I’ve used that as a blog post title…

The Hippy and I spent the night in our new home last night.  It’s foreign territory to both of us, but the neighborhood looks and sounds just fine.  Despite that, we jumped every time we heard a noise because we’re paranoid freaks.  The furnace will take some finagling–one minute we were freezing, the next we were burning up.

He’ll be living there alone until after Christmas.  With No Coast and Craftmas coming up, plus my overwhelming desire to make everyone’s present, I’m going to be in no shape to move.  The majority of what I own is sewing supplies, and while I intend to move things over in pieces, I can’t uproot my sewing area until all my sewing is out of the way.

I’ll be honest… It’s overwhelming…

Create Overload

I’m beginning to think I have a serious problem. I have a bad case of the don’t want to do its. I keep thinking up a hundred different things I want to do instead of working on product for my No Coast/Handmaidens weekend or even Christmas presents.

I have four bags, ten cozies, and twelve wallets cut out and waiting for assembly.

I have no fewer than twelve presents I would like to make. In fact, I only have one present made and one cut out. Some of them are really quite easy.

And yet, I would like to make a hat, a skirt, a secret bag, homemade bagels, red velvet cupcakes… I keep saying, “after Christmas,” but the pull is ridiculously strong. So strong, in fact, that I’m writing this entry on my iPod from work.

It’s all I can think about! I can’t even focus on all the fabric I need to find a home for…

Artist Spotlight: Happify

I had the pleasure of chatting a bit with the woman behind the great art of Happify at Craftmas, but I neglected to get her name. What I do know is this: Her art does what it says (it happifies me) and she has amazing taste in shoes.

I really can’t get enough Happify, and I was hooked when I bought this shirt at I Like You


If I could wear it everywhere, I could. I swear this on my life. I want a gift certificate to I Like You for Christmas purely so I can buy more Happify goods. Like this calendar:




I really can’t think of any Etsy artist I’ve been more obsessed with. I like to think it’s for very good reason.