Before I post real stuff…

I wanted to share a giveaway with y’all.  The fantabulous Tatertots & Jello blog brought my attention to a great little website called Ribbon Retreat.  What’s more, they are offering up a $50 gift certificate to one lucky winner.  AND 15% off purchases during the giveaway (runs through Jan 25)

So, head on over to Tatertotlandia and sign up to win!


My Ass Needs Kicking

And it won’t be hard, because the target seems to be getting bigger every day.  Which is why I’m entering the giveaway on Frugal Upstate to win an EA Sports Active for Wii.  I’m blogging about it, you know, just in case someone else is interested.  But secretly I’d like no one else to enter so I have a better chance of winning.

Then again, if I don’t win, I’ll just go out and buy it for myself.  Living with a boy is killing my waistline.  And I’d rather buy an electronic trainer than new jeans.  And I’m getting way too close to needing new jeans.

And the winner is……

Drumroll, please………. (I promised The Hippy I would pull numbers out of an actual hat, but I didn’t want to waste that much paper!)

Picture 2

Ali of Thrifty Mom!  Congrats, Ali!  You’ll be getting an email from me soon.  Here’s what Ali said about summer:

I love elephants and that one reminds me of Florida.
I like summer because the kids and I can take it easy, plus berry picking and used book sales and my mom comes to visit!

You may notice that my giveaway post had 161, but my max number was 133.  I went back and forth over how I would handle the comments, but in the end it came down to the fact that the people who didn’t leave a comment about what they liked about summer didn’t get an entry.  I had to be fair to the people that took the time to read my post and find out what the requirements for entry were.  It’s not like I was asking people to write haikus or anything!

At any rate, I’m glad summer is here.  I’m looking forward to tending my garden, geocaching, selling a couple times at the Farmer’s Market, my neice’s birthday, and holing myself up in the basement to sew.

PIF Giveaway Update

Life calmed down just long enough for me to finish up my little handmade surprises for the Pay it Forwardy Giveaway.

Te presento a…


Freehanded elephante.

Plastic container jungle!

Plastic container jungle!

Despite the pink fabrics, I am convinced this elephant is a boy.  He has been referred to as “He” by both me and the recipient.

In keeping with the jungle theme:

Proshest New World Monkey Ever

Proshest New World Monkey Ever

Also a “He” in my mind, but a sleepy He.  I hope he gets plenty of rest in his new home.



Both these little fellers were so cute and hard to give up.  I will definitely be making more elephants.  I have a ton of ideas for fabric combinations bouncing around in my head.  I can’t wait!