Giveaway Game Results

Well…  Only two people replied, haha.  So Tracy and Theresa will be getting gifts from me soon.


But, uh, not until I return from Florida 🙂  Where I, of course, promise not to have any fun what so ever.


Do you handmade?

I’m inspired by my poll: only one voter said that none of the gifts they give are handmade.  In an effort to make it a little more exciting to buy handmade gifts, I want to tell you all about an awesome movement going on over at Etsy.  It’s a win-win-win situation.  One person gets an awesome gift, one person gets a sale, and one person (you) gets to feel warm and fuzzy.  Throw another win in for Etsy, since they get their commission fees.

It’s called a Sneak Attack.  It was started (I do believe) by PhippsArt as a way to promote people will zero or very few sales.  Every weekday, someone sponsors a sneak attack.  They set the time and promote the “attack” in the Etc. section of the Etsy Forum.  Only the sponsor and PhippsArt knows who the lucky shop will be that day until it’s announced.  Announcements are made on The Handmade Movement site.  You can also find this week’s schedule and all past Sneak Attacks on the site.  Just take a look at those stats!

I’ve participated in one Sneak Attack so far, and it would be lovely to participate in more.  Unfortunately, right now my checkbook is telling me to stop spending money.  So unless I receive a lot of sales, I have a moratorium on spending money on non-essentials.

Now… Go buy handmade!

Testing a new feature

Subtitle: Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolly, lolly, lolly…

In honor of the new PollDaddy feature on WordPress, I have decided to come up with a poll.

That was painless.  I hope to have more in the future!

What I got…

It’s time to show off the lovelies I bought at Craftstravaganza!

It was between this and Crabby Pants, but this was deemed far more practical.  It’s bugs.  That stack.  Made out of flannel.  A word to the wise, however: this toy, if given as a present, should not be opened around a bunch of middle aged women.  They have dirty minds.  As a side note, I’d give my left arm for an adult sized pair of crabby pants.  Okay, maybe just my left pinky or something.  But I really, really want crabby pants.

The second I saw Orange Rhino I knew I had to have their onesies.  I also was kind of bummed that they only sell childrens clothes.  Honestly, people, grown ups want uber cute clothes too…  But what I liked best about them is that the clothing is gender neutral.  There’s no “flowers on pink” or “trucks on blue.”  Their blue onesies would be great for a boy or a girl.  Their designs (save, perhaps, the flowery bird) don’t scream one gender or another.

I purchased this one in brown.  And as we discovered when Rocketdog opened her present, it goes perfectly with this pair of pants I purchased on Etsy from littleoliveclothing a month ago–AND in the correct corresponding sizes!  I rule!