A feeling of accomplishment

I locked myself in the basement today to get some work done, cool off, and get away from my yelling neighbors.  After a short SNAFU with a bobbin, I was rolling along and getting stuff done.


I started off my afternoon applying patches to this leather vest for my dad.  Want a closer look?


Any question what my dad did in his past life? ha.  The last patch is a leather patch my dad engraved with his laser.  He’s making and selling engraved goods on eBay and Etsy.  I’m pretty sure everyone in the world needs a decal for their car window.  I know my truck is 100% cooler with the Danger Kitty in the back.  Of course, if I do something douchy on the road, I’m a lot harder to forget about….  I digress.

I also managed to finish up my bloomers and get somewhat decent pictures of them so you don’t have to see bloomers hanging from my oven.


The pears and quilting cotton and the laterns are flannel.  And note to self: DK, you have a tripod.  Use it.

DK out.


Nelephants on Parade

There’s a new visitor to my Etsy Shop. I’ve officially named my stuffed elephants Nelephants.   I’m trying to crank these out with so far only a small amount of luck.  Two things help: paying attention when putting the ears on and not trimming the seam allowance so darn close to the actual seam.  From here on out I expect my Nelephant making to be far more successful.

It’s the Yin-Yang Nelephant!

Dark, Evil, Male

Dark, Evil, Male

Light, Good, Female

Light, Good, Female

I think Nelephants will always be referred to as male.  They will always be “hes” in my book.

Come Home to a Gnome

I would like to stress that this is pronounced “NOME.”  I think I’ll do a feature on the other blog about gnomes of a different color, but today I feel like highlighting and amazing shop on Etsy that I keep going back to over and over.  And once I have… oh… furnature… I will be buying goodies from her because I decided I’m just too lazy to build my own.

Enough secrets.  My own what?  Terrarium.



Enter GnomeHomes.  GnomeHomes is a collaboration between a couple Etsy sellers.  Matt is from Haulinoats, which is such an awesome name for a sadly empty shop.  Meghan is from 2lilmonkeys, which is another great name and an adorable little shop.  But the GnomeHomes… Ooooh, the GnomeHomes…



I’ve been fascinated by terrariums since I was a kid.  I know I built one once, but I can’t remember if it was in girl scouts, at school, or in day care.  Because I was a kid, I probably ended up ignoring it, then my mom ended up ignoring it, and now I have no more terrariums.  I think I would still like to build my own with more folliage, but what I find so appealing about the GnomeHomes is the compactness and the colors.  Usually I would say red and green is so very Christmas, but the mushrooms work so well will the moss.  Of course, that could be because the descriptions claim the mushrooms are orange, but I see red.  The exact color is neither here nor there.  What matters is that they look amazing together.

Oooh, fancy :)

Oooh, fancy 🙂

Okay, I concede.  These mushrooms are red.



I feel slightly like a shameless, shameless hussy.  I promised myself over and over (like so many things before) that I would never use Twitter.  I already use facebook and obsessively change my status to tell the world how I feel at any given moment.  I felt no need to use twitter and have yet another social networking obsession on my hands.

And yet…

I failed.

Go ahead; add me if you do choose.  I’m sure I will follow you in return.  But I warn you–there will likely be nothing other than RSS feeds, because I still prefer facebook.  Who knows, maybe that will change.  Maybe I will catch the Tweeting bug.  Maybe I will suddenly decide I’m so full of myself that I feel the worlds needs to know what I had for breakfast.  Maybe.  If there is enough demand for it.  Until then, just consider it an update as to when I’ve updated my blogs or my Etsy shop.

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours…

My New Year’s Eve started at 5am and ended at 5am.  Awesome.  Now that’s what I call a party.

Beginning: I need to learn to let go.  I find it impossible to take a vacation from work because I trust very few people to do my job right.  Not that I think my job is hard or special, mind you, I just don’t think they have the time to care.  Before promotion I was doing two jobs–my old job and my current job.  I felt like I was doing it all the time.  You’d think I’d feel less stressed out now that I’m back to just one job, but I’m not.  At least not lately.  Communication has plummeted, and it resulted in me accidentally finding out I not only had to change the entire apparel department, but I had to mark down all the old stuff before the beginning of FM Jan (Jan 4).  So I got up at 5 to get as much done a possible, and stayed an hour late for the same.  I was actually able to call in the one person I trust, no matter how suspiciously, which meant I didn’t have to stay three hours late….  I will go in on Saturday for the markdown, meaning that I went from a 30 hour week to “holy crap, I can’t stay anymore or I’ll go into OT!”

Pre-Middle: I went to Target after work to get supplies.  Also looked for shoes and socks, because who doesn’t love shoes and socks.  Discovered these:


Aside from being ridiculously cute… and clearance… and not in my size… They’re also lined with one of my favorite Alexander Henry fabrics of all time.  I know it’s hard to see, but I have proof of its existence outside of the shoe and inside of my stash:


Must find those shoes…….

Middle: The best, best, best part of New Years Eve is fondue.  Everyone should do the ‘due.  I don’t care if it’s cheese, oil, or chocolate, it should be mandatory.  I do not, however, recommend combining any of those unless, perhaps, over the course of an entire day.  Certainly don’t attempt it in one evening.  I know this from experience.  New this year was tempura batter and parboiled potatoes.  When BILOSORD’s buddy accidentally added his potato to the pot without battering it, twice fried potatoes were born.  And eaten repeatedly.  I breifly considered getting more potatoes from the kitchen, but I figured we had to cut outselves off somewhere.  This is the first time that I can remember that fondue didn’t end with someone (me….) laughing so hard they (I….) cried.  We stopped because we ran out of cheese and potatoes.  And room in our stomachs.  We were all pretty tired, though.

I passed out on the couch after dinner, and I pretty sure after Rocket Puppy was sent to bed, Rocketdog passed out for a bit too.  I headed home, intending to go to bed, shortly after the ball dropped (…the tape delayed ball).

The End: When I got home, The Hippy IMed me to see if I had gotten his text message, and was apparently bummed that I didn’t respond.  What I didn’t know was that I hadn’t gotten the message, and thought he was talking about something entirely different.  Twenty minutes later, it showed up.  I decided the message couldn’t find me because I was driving.  I turned right, and it kept going straight.  Silly text message.  But what followed was one of the longest, most awesome philosophical discussions we’ve ever had.  “We’re going to be living together and sharing everything, so I might as well tell you what I believe.”  Which is not to say he hadn’t told me before, it was just a much deeper and livelier discussion.  When my alarm clock went off, I knew it was probably time to go to bed.  Call me crazy, but I’m a sucker for talking to him.  The first time we ever chatted with each other, I only got a couple hours of sleep.  I’m looking forward to not having to chat online (both of us hate the phone).

And now I get to go move.  Right now.  Literally.  Five hours of sleep!  wooooo!  Actually, I think I’m going to eat some potatoes first 🙂