Obligatory Holiday Post

It’s Thanksgiving, and that means you shouldn’t be reading blogs, so hopefully you have an RSS feeder (like Bloglines or Google Reader) that will keep this post warm for you while you enjoy loads of your favorite holiday foods (I shant mention turkey, for I have a dear friend with a poultry allergy, and the poor dear has to suffer through lobster on Thanksgiving).

I thought I would do something uncharacteristically cheesy.  I thought I would post what I’m thankful for.  You won’t get me to do this sort of crap around the Thankgiving dinner table, so don’t even try.

First up, and these are not really in any order except the order in which I thought them up…

El Señor Draggy Pants.  I am equally as thankful for Dragon as I am for the fact that The Hippy let me have a cat in the first place.  I’m thankful that The Hippy loves him as much as I do.  I am, however, not SO thankful that I don’t try my luck on a daily basis and continue to vie for another cat.  A house is not a home without a cat, but a home is not perfect without two (a home with three or more is a little bit crazy, but since my sister and my parents both have three cats within their domiciles, we’ll let it go for now).

My crazy-ass friends (or crazy ass-friends, if that’s how you choose to read it.  I know I do), including, but certainly not limited to the ones in this picture.  It just happened to be the crazy-assist picture I have on my hard drive.  It is my opinion that I’m the most “normal” looking one in that picture…. ahem.  I appear to attract friends that like to name their group: The Wench Posse, The Bottomweights…  No matter what they call themselves, though, they are all awesome and they have all had a hand in turning me into who I am right now.

My family, including, but not limited to, these two.  I have a good family comprised of many weird-ass people.  My sister is my best friend.  My dad is the person who taught me how to be a smart ass.  My mom taught me how to cook and stood by in befuddlement as I learned to sew.  My niece lets me be my weird self and gave me the fantastic nickname Chachi.  My brother-in-law is really good at picking on me and making me laugh until I cry–and being totally embarrassed by me choking in a restaurant.  My boyfriend is the smartest person in the world and can find his way through anything.

That’s certainly not everything, but it’s a start.  I realize it’s a pretty cliche list, but let’s face it… Cliches are cliches for a reason.


The Sheerer the Better


I feel it’s been long enough, and I haven’t heard anything on the news, so I can talk about this.

A phone call a few Saturdays ago at work…

Guy on the other end of the line: Do you have a good selection of chiffons?

DK: Yeah, we have a pretty good selection of chiffon.  What are you looking for? (fishing for a color, maybe I should have been more specific)

GOTOEOTL: Well, you have to promise not to laugh.

DK: *skeptical* Okay…. I promise…

GOTOEOTL: Our father is out of town, and we need to blackmail our mother.  She used to be a Vegas dancer, so we’re going to make her go around to construction sites and deliver coffee…. Wearing chiffon.

DK: Okay… well… What color did you have in mind?

GOTOEOTL: It doesn’t really matter.  The sheerer the better.  Say, is it busy there right now?

DK: Yeah, it’s pretty busy.

GOTOEOTL: Do you think it will calm down later this evening?

DK: Yeah, it usually gets quieter when the sun goes down.

GOTOEOTL: Good, because my mom is really nervous.  Say, if I put her on the line, would you tell her to do it?

DK: Uhhh… okay.

Terrible Adult Son’s Mother: Hello?  Do you really think I should do it?

DK: Well, you only live once, right?

TASM: I’m so nervous, but I’m kind of excited!  Do you think I should do it?

DK: Sure, it’ll be fun, right?  You’ll be doing it for everyone out there.

TASM: Do you really think I can do it?  I’m so nervous.

DK: I’m sure you can do it.  You’ll be fine.

TASM: Oh I’m so nervous, my son is going to video tape it!  Would you do it?

DK:  Uhhhhh……

TASM: Okay, if you think I can do it, I will!  Thank you!

DK: No problem!  Have fun! *hangs up*

Coworker who was standing next to me the whole time: What…?

DK: I’ll tell you later! *runs off to find fellow managers and laugh uncontrolably in the office*

Keep in mind, the whole time my coworker heard me say things like, “Yeah, we have a pretty good selection of chiffon” and then, “You only live once,” “You’ll be doing it for every woman out there,” and “I’m sure you can do it.  You’ll be fine”

I wish I knew if she really did it.  No one that worked that night said they cut a bunch of chiffon.  And if they told me what was up–more or less unprompted–they would have told whomever cut for them.  And we would have heard about it.  I can promise that!

The Christmas Before the Resolution

I had every intention of taking pictures of everything I made for Christmas. Some things didn’t translate well into photograph form (but I’ve been assured I’m getting a photo area at the new house! weeee!), but I also just plain forgot to take pictures before wrapping some. Namely, The Hippy’s.

Let’s start with the ill-fated BILOSORD jacket so that it isn’t the last thing you see….


I’m reasonably certain it isn’t actually that lop-sided.  The good news is, I have to take the zipper out anyway.  Why?  Because I put it in backward, that’s why.  Because this jacket was the jacket from hell, despite it being the third one I’ve made.  I understood the first one being a pain, but the third?  I’m happy to report the fourth went off without so much as a hitch, but that is one I wrapped before shooting.  It did end up a little short in the back, but that has more to do with the fact that it’s too fat for The Hippy than anything else.  I should have made the small, since that’s what I wear and he’s smaller than me….  But I know his penchant for drowning in his clothes.  Still, he refuses to let me take it in,  all the better, because I don’t feel like it. ; )

Jacket Number Two (in this post AND in real life):


You only get to see half because blaze orange is a bitch to photograph.  I’m pretty sure my camera started crying.  But this jacket is fully reversible so my dad can wear the camo out on the town (okay, in his recliner like he’s doing right now…), and the blaze orange while sitting in his deer stand.  Two layers of fleece.  Yum.  So warm.

More fleece!  Yay!


I am all about the reversible, natch.  My dad is three things: A Submarine Vet, “a bit of an eagle nut”*, and always cold.  These two panels lept out at me and demanded to be made one.  I believe his exact words were, “Wow!”

Not fleece:


Pants for my mom.  Pant-sies.  Heh.  Heh.  No?  I’d wax poetic further on these, but, well they’re just pants.  They were easy to make.  They’re cute.  What more can I say?

I’ll just show more pictures…  Of pants.


Rocketdog and I are like twins that had some weird almost-eight-year separation.  We like a lot of the same things, so I felt pretty certain she’d like these.  I thought the photo turned out better, but those are cows.  Both pants are made from Debbie Mumm fabrics.  I’m not typically a fan of hers, but I liked these prints well enough.

I also made a space blanket and fleece jacket for The Hippy and a boppy cover and softbook for Rocket Puppy.  Though I’m pretty sure the gift that went over the best was a bag of Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys.  C’est la vie.

Next up: New Year’s Resolution.

*This is an approximate quote from the Minneapolis Star Tribune about my dad.  My parents had an eagle on a liberty bell carved out a tree that had to come down (damn dutch elm!).  Eagles are a common sight in their home decor these days.  Now I gave him seven more 🙂

I make no apologies…

My friends and family get homemade gifts.  That’s just how life is.  The Minneapolis Star Tribune seems to have a problem with this.  The print version is even more snarky against handmade Christmas presents.

My reasons for giving handmade gifts are varied and plentiful.  To name a few: I’m po’, I get a good discount on supplies and I know when I shop, no one I know needs more “stuff” and handmade stuff has a tendency to be useful, it means more (to me, anyway) than any dollar amount spent.

I am frightened by how much people spend at Christmas.  I hear so many people say they’re going into debt buying presents.  Why?  Frankly, if your cousin is pissed off that you didn’t spend $100 on her, she shouldn’t get a present.  Period.  I’ve spent less that $200 total this Christmas.  And I don’t feel like I’m being stingy.  I think I’m giving some pretty awesome gifts.

Homemade presents don’t always work out like I hope, but by the time the next Christmas has rolled around, I can pretty much guarantee I’m the only person who remembers or even notices.  If someone wants to call me on them, I invite them to.  I want to finish anything left unfinished or fix anything that needs fixing.  But if I’d bought a present that broke or I needed to go back for something more that I didn’t make, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee I could follow through.  I work retail; I know how quick the change over is.

People do get bought gifts too.  Sometimes these bought gifts are handmade, sometimes not.  I can’t make everything, and every once in awhile I find that perfect gift that I just have to get.  But honestly, if someone was snide about me making them a present, they’d be written off my gift-giving list entirely.  Chances are, they wouldn’t be happy with anything I bought either.