Better than last year…


Danger Kitty Designs, The Cozy Corset Cuff, and Artistic Edition will be at booth 21.  I promise it will be warmer and much more inviting this year.


Running Joke…

My business partner/dear friend and I have this running joke that local news guy Jason DeRusha is my best friend.  I’ll be honest; I’ve never spoken to the man.  He seems awesome, and his mother-in-law has bought a bunch of cozies from us, but we’re only friends in the facebook sense of the word.  So I was quite happy to report to her just now that my best friend is hilarious.  And I’ll share it with you, too.

And then the following Saturday….

Our weekends are filling up FAST over at Silver Pear Designs.

On Saturday, October 18th, 2008, we will be selling at the North Dale Annual Fall Craft Show.

We will have a great cozy special going on, which is only available at our shows, a TON of brand new cozy designs (30+), and we will have a lot of great cozies on clearance!


The sale will be held at the North Dale Recreations Center from 9am-2pm.

1414 N. St. Albans, St. Paul, MN. Hope to see you there!

Today’s the day!

It is only by the grace of Tylenol PM that I was able to sleep last night.  I’m nearly certain that I had many, many dreams regarding the sucess or failure of Craftstravaganza, but I was too drugged up to care (Yes, I’m a lightweight–Tylenol PM is the strongest drug I have ever given myself.)

backwards banner

That there is the evil twin to our banner.  This banner will help you find our table, so keep an eye out for the ginormous pear.  I’ll be the short, tired one underneath it.  It’s FAR cooler in real life.  After the show, I’ll post pictures and a description of the creation of a banner.

Here’s to selling out!

ETA: I re-read this entry, and realized my sentences make little sense.  I am leaving it this way, however, to show how my brain works at 5:30 am.

Leave it to Minnesota…

That picture was taken at 2:30 am on April 1, 2008.  I’m pretty sure most of it melted by the 3rd, but we’ve had some pretty funky weather lately.  Like, we had an actual winter.  It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had an actual winter.  Unfortunately, our winter bled well into spring, and it’s getting kind of old.

They are forcasting a high of 46* F on Saturday with SNOW the night before.  Snow.  On the 25th of April.  Snow on April Fool’s Day I can handle, but this is going too far! I want my spring, and I want it to stay that way!  Until Summer.

Normally I wouldn’t post about weather on this blog, but I feel it appropriate considering Saturday is Craftstravaganza.  My point is, please don’t let the cold or the snow keep you from enjoying the 80 artists and crafters that have put their heart and soul into this show.  And the awesome bands!  Don’t forget the bands!  I listened to some clips on the Craftstravaganza website, and they sound like they will be pleasant to listen to all day.

Now, go splash in a couple puddles before they all freeze.

One week!

Two huge shows coming up in the next two weeks.

This should be our biggest show so far.  It’s the debut of Silver Pear Designs (so debuting, in fact, that there is really no link I can link to!  Our Etsy shop should be up an running after the shows).  We have a whole new product debuting as well.  Un, Deux, Trois is the latest design–It’s a headband, a scarf, and a belt, all in one.  (As a joke, the name means “ONE product that can be TWO sets of THREE.”  I’ve given you one set of three, but this is a family blog, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  I can tell you, the first use in the second set is blindfold.)

If you’re one of the first 100 visitors (and if the rumors are true about last year, you’ll need to be there WAY before the doors open), you will receive a free swag bag filled with goodies and deals from participating vendors.

Stay tuned for information about the next Handmaidens show.

Where are the elves when you need them?


See that mess? That’s what I have to work on. Or, I should say, part of what I have to work on. Twenty bags, twenty four cozies. There are a few more bags cut out, but those are not currently in my possession. That picture looks confusing, allow me to clean that up a bit…


Much better. Bags on the right, cozies on the left. I Like You business cards in the middle and mess everywhere else. That’s how I roll. I’m reckless!

The question is… Who is going to sew all these for me? Yesterday marked the one month deadline until Craftstravaganza, and the next Handmaidens’ show is one week after that. I don’t even know if the product I have already plus this new product will be enough for both shows. I have absolutely no idea what to expect! I’m hoping for greatness, though, so let’s hope that selling out is my biggest problem! : D

The best thing about that picture is that you can imagine how much fabric I had to have started with.  The pile was maybe… just under two feet.  After cutting, I have ten measly pieces of fabric to put back in my Aneboda.  Ten.  I gotta tell you…. After I finish these two sales, I am SO going to want to go on a shopping spree!  But you know what that spree will be?  Taking samples of EVERYTHING left in Aneboda and finding things to match them.  Some of these fabrics are five years old, and that’s just plain unacceptable.

I should be sewing, but I think I’m going to dig through Aneboda a little first… Just to see what I got.