This Is… Thursday

This is what I’m currently obsessed with from Aldi. So much so that I 1: Immediately took a picture of the wrapper because it was so damn good I needed to share it and 2: Won’t let myself eat any more until I’ve finished the box of subpar bars of the peanut butter variety. Which are *fine*, but they aren’t the double chocolate. And I’m a delayed gratification kind of girl.

It should be noted that up until about two weeks ago, I’d never had a protein bar that didn’t suck ass. I couldn’t even really explain why I decided to purchase the peanut butter kind. I’m happy to say that neither the peanut butter nor the double chocolate suck ass, but the double chocolate is far superior.


Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Being an avid RSS reader, I follow a lot of food blogs.  I’ve even complained about how food bloggers all tend to make the same stuff.  However, once in awhile something totally sparks my interest, much like the banana ice cream and green smoothie kick awhile ago.  And I’m going to do it again today.

I freaking love avocados.  Would eat one every day if they didn’t tend to be somewhat expensive–okay, who am I kidding, they are delicious and filling and should be totally worth it, but I’m stingy.  One day I went into Aldi and they had avocados at $0.49 a piece.  Which is $0.30 cheaper than their average price, and about $1 cheaper than my local grocery stores.  So I bought a ton.  Most of them went toward creating a double veggie snack by mashing them with a little True Lime and dipping my carrot sticks in them.  But two went toward making a rather delightful pudding.

I had already attempted said pudding once with much more expensive avocados, and had been highly disappointed.  The second time around I gathered up some bananas and semisweet chocolate and left that lame avocado, cocoa powder, honey mixture to sit in a corner and think about what it had done.  What was born is a delicious and relatively healthy pudding.  There is an entire internet full of reasons why avocados and chocolate are good for you, and while the calorie count is pretty much on par with pudding cups, the pay off is richer, creamier, more satisfying, and contains a crap load of vitamins and fiber.

The deets:

  • 1 avocado, removed from it’s shell, seed discarded
  • 1 banana, peeled
  • 2 squares semisweet chocolate (or 2 ounces of whatever your favorite chocolate is)

Melt that chocolate according to packaging–don’t burn it, that would be sad.  Plop the banana in that chocolate and mix with a hand mixer.  This could, of course, all be done in a blender, food processor, kitchen aid mixer, or with a hand mixer.  Bananas and avocados are soft, do whatever is most convenient for you.


After. And let's be honest; if you stopped right here, it would taste delicious.

Next you want to add the avocado.  Blend the hell out of that until you get a super creamy mixture of heaven.

The avocado skin is there to show my waste-not mentality in regards to avocados.

And, uh… yeah.  That’s it.  Really.  You’re, like, five minutes away from bliss.  What are you waiting for?


I realize that the photos do not accurately represent the recipe I posted.  When I made this, my ingredients were double.  However, this pudding doesn’t refrigerate for very long, so I recommend that if you aren’t sharing this dish, you only make a single batch.

Lamentations over a lost treat

I never ate Pop Rocks much as a kid.  I didn’t give into the Pop Rocks/Coke exploding stomach hype, I was just more of a Fun Dip type of girl.  But for some reason, I was incredibly drawn to Dairy Queen’s Grape Kool-Aid Explosion Blizzard.  I think the grape Kool-Aid helped, because I do love me some grape Kool-Aid.  A lot.  Needless to say, I was pretty distraught when they pulled that from their line up.

I didn’t need to be sad for too long, though, because that very same year, Ben and Jerry’s was selling KaBerry KABOOM!  It wasn’t Grape Kool-Aid Explosion, but it had the right blend of ice cream and berry (I’m more of a fruit dessert than a chocolate dessert person) with the awesomeness of Pop Rocks.  But then that quickly disappeared too…

I feel like I may be the only person who likes Pop Rocks.  Take, for example, this awesome candy I heard about last week.  This awesome candy which I had to buy four bars of.


Normally I’d be uncomfortable buying that much chocolate.  I feel like chocolate is a silly little luxury that I shouldn’t be allowed to spend money on.  But alas, these were easy to buy.  Why?


Why does every awesome Pop Rocks treat disappear just when I start liking it?  I don’t really like eating just plain Pop Rocks.  I can live without Pop Rocks until I find out someone has made something with them.  I’m so annoyed I can hardly think straight.  Also, I’m starting to smell banana even though I haven’t had any banana, but Paula Deen is making Banana Pie on TV right now…  I think I’m going crazy.  Maybe I should lay down and cuddle with Mister for awhile…..

Savor the moment

My computer is more or less back in working order, though it does have a tendency to flake out. I consider it a sign that I spend way too much time using it. To kick off getting back into the swing of blogging, I bring you an artist spotlight.

I like to pretend that I’m pretty green and socially conscious. I have the very best intention to support the little guy and to use chemical free products. Let’s face it, though, I’m not made of money. I have a crappy retail job and I sell handmade goods–I’m not fortune 500 or a Bobo.

I do, however, have an amazing love of handmade soap. Up until a month or two ago, I had an appreciation for handmade soap (I’d made melt and pour soap before, and I had bought a few bars of soap from Etsy sellers that were all right–they made me feel good enough about my purchase, that is, but they didn’t wow me). Then I met Savor.

This is probably the tamest of all Savor soaps, but it was my first purchase, so it holds a special place in my heart. I’d been stalking her shop for awhile, waiting for the right one to pop up, but then I became in dire need of new soap, and had to make a fast choice. I’d been searching other shops as well, but I kept getting called back to Savor. I had to pounce, and pounce I did. There were very few bars left in her shop, and this one sounded the most appetizing. Honestly, I have never, ever been happier with a bar of soap. It almost makes showering enjoyable (as many may not know, I truly despise showering, and if I don’t have an absolute reason to do it, I won’t).

Now I find myself almost unable to wait until this bar of soap is gone. I currently have 8 bars of savor soap in my favorites on etsy, and all have sold. I refuse to delete them, though, because I just keep hoping she’ll list more of that kind.

For instance: Black Cherry Sundae


and Chocolate Cardamom

These soaps are true works of art. I often go to Savor’s shop just to drool. It’s always interesting to see what she has come up with!

PS: After checking out her shop again, almost all my favorites are back in stock.  Now let’s hope they’ll be there when I need new soap!