No Wonder My Purse Was So Heavy

I do not spend my change.  I save it in a Simply Lime bottle and then cash it when the bottle gets full.  Sometimes I just throw my change in my pocket, but lately I’ve been chucking it in my purse.  And apparently two months of that added up.  I wish I would have weighed my purse before and after…


I’m rich!  That’s the best part of not spending change.  You don’t miss it, but when you get it all back, it’s huge.  It won’t be long before I need to take a trip to the bank…

This photo was actually taken before I put that change in there.  It’s now up to that faint line above the change.  It usually takes about two years to fill the jar.  I emptied it for the first time right after we moved in, then once more about two years later.  We’re on the fourth year, so it’s due.


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