Creative Goals

I decided it’s not enough to say I’m going to be creative, or even to have the goal of doing all the projects I’ve been planning but never made.  I need deadlines, people.  Without deadlines I’ll just think “Oh, I have plenty of time to do x,y, and z.”  So for every month of 2013, I am going to do one of those projects I’ve been putting off.  And here’s the list… to hold myself accountable.

January: Pirate Blanket

February: Lunch Bag

March: Suede coat

April: T-Shirt quilt

May: Fur throw

June: New chemise and pirate bodice

July: Bowling rag quilt

August: Patricia Peppermint the Duchess of York

September: Orange Coat


November: Steampunk Sinbonnet Sue 


For now, October and December are going to be free.  December will likely be dedicated to Christmas and October might be Rocketpuppy’s halloween costume.  I will check in each month with this list and with the items that come out of it.


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