The Road Between Halloween and Thanksgiving

Has been a rocky one.  I wouldn’t say rocky in a bad way, but they say that even good things can be stressful.  That said, I find myself looking at a Thankgiving where I don’t have to wonder what I’d say I’m thankful for.  Not that my family does that, or that I’m not thankful for things.  But it always seems trite to say I’m thankful for my family, my health, my friends.

This year, however, I am thankful that Black Friday is my last Black Friday as an employee (barring any unforeseen circumstances, of course).  I’m thankful that after two years of actually trying (and not just pretending to try), I finally heard the words “We’d like to offer you the position.”  I’m thankful that I’ve been given a chance to start a new adventure.

This is not to say that I haven’t been thankful that I had a job.  I know things could have been far worse.  But I can be thankful and recognize that something isn’t unhealthy for me.  And my job, while it got me by, was incredibly unhealthy.  I may or may not share why–without going into details, because I’m not interested in burning bridges or dragging anyone through the mud–but I do intend to eventually make a list as a reminder to myself of why this is a positive move.

Right now the future is uncertain.  I can’t say for sure that the new job will be the perfect fit, but my shrink says job interviews aren’t just the company interviewing you–you’re interviewing the company.  And I got a very good feeling about it.  But what I do know for certain is that if I don’t like it, I will have two things going for me.  1. Now that I’ve left one crappy job, it’s that much easier to leave another (I don’t mean that to sound flippant, just the facts). 2. I will now be getting experience outside of retail.  And that?  That right there is more important than gold.  It not only means that I’ll be more valuable, but it also means that I’ll keep learning.

And if you’re not learning, you’re not living.


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