Megabus? Megafail!

My computer is dead so I’m updating from my phone. Any typos are the fault of autocorrect.

So here’s a little cautionary tale. Don’t take the megabus. Just don’t.

The Hippie and i are making our way to Chicago today. We planned to take the 7am megabus. We got there at 6:15 because they say to arrive a half hour early, and I’m always worried about being late.

At 7:15 a bus pulled up, and we all filed toward it to get on. The driver got off, pointed to the blinking board that said Minneapolis and Chicago and said, “You know you aren’t boarding this bus, right?”

Um, no. Clearly, because we’re trying to get on.

There was no other communication, no one offered to find out where our bus was. After that bus pulled away, one guy got on his phone to customer service. Customer service tried to give him another number to call. Why can’t the customer service give… service to their customers?

A half hour goes by and we decide that at this rate we’ll be late for the concert we’re going to Chicago for. So i get on kayak and find a flight. Which we should have done in the first place, obviously.

7:45 we walk away and head back to our car. 7:58 we drive by the bus stop and everyone is still there.

8:10 i receive an email that there is a disruption in service. No, really? No eta, no offer to help. Barely even an apology. I half expect to see everyone still waiting.

Instead, we’re on our way to the airport. Which is an adventure in itself.


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