On Relationships

I get this picture’s point.  I do.  The point is that people always say gay marriage will undermine the sanctity of marriage, but no one has a problem with people that divorce like they’re sneezing.

But there seems to be an underlying message in this picture: Homosexuals (or at least gay celebrities) take relationships more seriously than heterosexuals.

Maybe I’m reading into it.  Maybe I’m slightly bitter because they used Russell Brand and Katy Perry, and I’m not only very fond of Mr. Brand, but I happen to know that he wanted so badly for Katy to be the one.  I don’t know what happened with them–I’m sure he’ll tell all in his next autobiography–but I’d imagine that what happened with them is not all that different from what happens with millions of people every day.

It makes me sad when people get divorced.  It certainly makes me just as sad that there are people who can’t marry each other.  I’m hugely pro-gay-marriage, don’t get me wrong.  But I am also a little tired of people’s relationships being pitted against other relationships.  Whatever the reason someone enters into a marriage with another person isn’t really our business.  We may think it’s our business because they’re in the spotlight willingly, but when it comes down to it, we don’t know what’s in their hearts and in their heads.

Relationships are hard, and they’re infinitely harder when they’re the property of the entire world.  My guess as to why Neil Patrick Harris and his partner have been together for so long and the others not so much?  I’d guess there is a direct correlation between NPH trending on twitter and Katy Perry and the Kardashians trending.  NPH just frankly isn’t in the news nearly as often.  He’s on twitter–I followed him when I followed people; he’s very funny–but I don’t think he particularly goes out of his way to be put in the spotlight.  Instead of cultivating his image, he’s cultivating his family.  And this is very important.

In our fight to make all things equal, I think we need to remember that the LGBT community are all people too.  One side has cast them to the pits of hell.  The other side is dangerously close to putting them on a pedestal.  As a percentage, I’m sure that there are just as many same sex relationships that will end as there are different sex relationships.  Making same sex relationships out to be more important just seems a really good way to set them up to be even more vilified later.  The right will scream and yell once we succeed in equal rights (we will–it might be a slow battle, but it will happen) about how we fought so hard only to have the relationships end and “this is how they thank us.”

This could be entirely hypothetical.  Maybe they’ll be happy a relationship ended; who knows?  I just had to chase my mental rabbits for a bit…


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