On Running: Part Two

So, now that you’ve read all the things that kind of suck about running, I really ought to tell you the really great things about it.  And this list is actually longer, so, BONUS!

  • Vitamin D: I run outside, as should be obvious from my last post, and by running outside you get an awesome source of vitamin D.  Here’s a wiki about why it’s good for you.  I don’t understand the big words, but there’s something about bone health, blah blah blah.
  • You get a chance to explore your neighborhood: Sometimes I just like to run willy-nilly.  I’ve discovered new things I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  And to me that’s one of the coolest parts about running.
  • You will feel good about yourself:  The flip side to the emotions of running is that the days you don’t feel bad about yourself, you’ll feel really good about yourself.  You’ll have run further than you ever have before.  You’ll have run the same distance, but in a shorter time.  You’ll notice that trying to breathe isn’t as scary as it was a month ago.  And you’ll be really, really proud of yourself, and you’ll deserve every second of that pride.
  • Stronger legs: Muscles of steel, yo.
  • Stronger heart: Your heart is a muscle.  Whenever you work your muscles more than they’re used to, they get stronger when they recover.  And a stronger heart is a very happy heart.
  • Stronger lungs: Ditto
  • If you can control your eating, you can lose fat: Oftentimes runners (or anyone who exercises) think they can go wild because they’ve worked out.  I suck at this, but I’ve been trying hard not to over-indulge (I also think this is something I’ll be working with the head shrinker on).  One thing: I said lose fat.  You might not lose weight, depending on how much fat you have to lose.  All those muscles you’re making big and strong?  Yeah, they weigh more than fat.  To date, I’ve lost at least an inch each in my waist, hips, and thighs; yet, when I was at the doctor last month, I was heavier than my last visit.  Depressing, but I know a lot of it had to do with muscle, so I’m trying not to focus on the number.  There’s a reason I measure myself instead of weighing.  I only weigh myself a couple times a year, tops.
  • Bone strength: Don’t take my word for it, hear it from the government
  • Races!: This is one of my very favorite parts of running, and for so many reasons.  Like I stated above, it gives me something new to explore.  I’ve never yet run a race somewhere I was totally familiar with.  The last race I ran had so many awesome sights I could hardly count them all.  Secondly, the camaraderie.  One thing I really love is that the faster runners often hang out at the finish line to cheer on the slower runners.  Runners are serious supportive of one another, which is one of the reasons I’m writing these lists.  Support.  Plus: t-shirts, super cool numbers bibs, treats at the end, and sometimes a souvenir chip timer.  Who doesn’t like swag?

These, I’m sure, are not the only reasons running is great.  You will have plenty of your own reasons, I’m sure.  I’d really like to hear them.  So clicky that comment button, and let me know!


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