So Sit Down and Shut Up.


This popped up on Facebook the other day.  And, yes, it’s a powerful message.  I’m not denying that at all.  It gives a lot of perspective, and it can be humbling in a “guess I should stop whining about my menial job” kind of way.

But I feel like it could go so far as to tell people to quit fighting for a better life for Americans (or Canadians, or Australians, or anyone else that jumped on board with the Occupy movement as it spread across the globe).  In a “shut up, you whiners, you already have it so damn good, just go back about your business” kind of way.

It reminds of having a really bad day and having someone retort, “Well, so and so is fighting cancer and their car just got repoed and their hedgehog died.”  Yeah, it gives perspective that maybe your boss yelling at you isn’t the end of the world, but it discounts the feelings you’re having.  And really, all it does is make you feel worse because on top of your bad day, you now feel like a giant ass for even thinking it was bad in the first place.

So what’s the solution?  Keep fighting to make your life better.  And keep fighting to make other’s lives better as well.  The two aren’t really mutually exclusive.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like the world is in a major amount of proverbial credit card debt.  Whether you subscribe to the belief that you should pay off the lowest debt first or the highest debt, either way you have to continually work toward paying it all off.  It won’t be easy, but as long as even the most powerful countries in the world are fighting serious injustices, there will never be a chance for the least powerful countries to rise up.


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