March Challenge Recap mit Tutorial

I know it isn’t quite the end of March yet, but it’s fast approaching, and I already know how I feel about it.  

I didn’t come even remotely close to finishing my list.  Not even a little.  I got a lot done, but no where near enough to be proud of.  Toward the second half of the month, I just couldn’t get the motivation to sew.  Working overnight and sleeping until 3 or 4 in the afternoon made me want to just chill on the couch until it was time for work.  I felt like I shouldn’t tax myself because I didn’t feel confident in my ability to stay up until 6am without crashing and burning (this is also why I’ve WAY overdosed on caffeine lately).

So I’m going to do something rather unprecedented.  I’m going to extend March’s challenge into April.  I’m going to give myself one more month to finish those UFOs.  After that, anything that isn’t finished will very likely go into the trash.  If they weren’t important enough to work on at all over the last three years, I won’t miss them.  

Since the occasion has passed, though, I would like to share something I did finish in March:


Steampunk onesies!  Some friends were having a steampunk baby shower, and though I couldn’t attend, I knew I wanted to send along some awesomeness.  The designs are all from Urban Threads.  I added a circle around each, stitched them onto some (I think) organic cotton, cut around the circle, and fringed the edges.  The cotton wrinkled when I washed it, giving it an aged look to add to the steampunkiness.

I laid each circle on Heavy Duty WunderUnder (so I wouldn’t need to sew them to the onesies) and poked holes along the stitched circle like so:


Then I cut the WunderUnder along the dots to make a perfect fit inside the fringe.  This way the fringe isn’t stuck to the onesie and can get down with its fringie self.

Iron the WunderUnder to the back of the applique:


Peel off the paper back when the applique has cooled and iron applique onto onesie (or whatever):



Ta da! It’s just like magic! Fun, cute magic.


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