Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals

Last year my sister, niece, and I took part in the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals in sunny Golden Valley, MN.  Wait, did I say sunny?  Last year it was just barely above freezing and it rained.  All.  Day.  Which is fine if you’re an adult and stubborn, or a doggy covered in fur, but if you’re an almost 3 year old, it’s not so much fun.  Rocketpuppy lost her cool around the 2 mile mark, so we turned around for two more miles of crying.  Even still, it was a good day, and the participants raised lots and lots of money to help out the animals in their shelters.

Last year with the help of my awesome, awesome donors, I raised $500.  This year I would really love to double that, but I set my goal at $500 knowing that’s totally doable.  If you already know that animals are awesome and worth taking care of, and you know you probably shouldn’t adopt another one at the moment, you can head on over to my Personal Page and click “donate”.

If you need the hard sell, here’s what the money goes toward (from the Animal Humane Society’s digital mouth):

  • provide care of the homeless and neglected animals brought to our shelters. Providing them the food, shelter, and medical attention they deserve.
  • coordinate our animal-assisted therapy programs in nursing homes, hospitals, and community centers across the state.
  • continue our educational outreach efforts in our schools – engaging the public’s hearts, hands, and minds for animals.
  • employ the only two Humane Investigation agents in Minnesota to rescue animals from abusive and neglectful situations.

Two of the big things on there, for me, are the therapy and education programs.  It’s important to me that the Animal Humane Society not only helps take care of animals, but they also help to enrich the lives of humans.  They teach people how to be better pet owners, for one.  Secondly, studies show that owning a pet can significantly improve your life quality.  Bringing animals into therapy environments is really important for those people who can’t live with pets or take care of them on their own.  Supporting the Animal Humane Society helps bring some joy to people’s lives, as well as the help it brings to homeless animals.


Admit it. You are powerless. No one can say no to this face!

By supporting me in the Walk for Animals, you can bring a little joy to The Hippy’s life as well, by making me a little less likely to beg for another pet.  So please, think of The Hippy, and follow this link to make a small, but helpful, donation.


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