Frozen Meal: Enchilasagna

I have been dying to try my hand at making meals to freeze.  I would love to be one of those people that just cooks the shit out of a day and then for the next month only needs to throw something in the oven.  Except that I learned I really kind of hate cooking the shit out of a day.  Perhaps it would be different if I weren’t alone or were better organized, but I cooked two meals the day I made this one, and I probably would have sworn I was in a sweatshop.  In my defense, I also cooked two of the ingredients for this meal by scratch–something you certainly don’t need to do.  I’ve linked the recipes in the ingredients, but feel free to use canned.

Enchilasagna: My preferred method of making enchiladas.  Let’s face it.  Rolling up tortillas full of slop is kind of lame.  Especially since I prefer corn tortillas, and I still can’t get corn tortillas to roll without cracking into a thousand pieces.  So I layer my ingredients like a lasagna and avoid the whole mess–not to mention that lame moment when you think you’re slicing between enchilada rolls and you end up cutting the side off one.

Gather yo’ shiz:

  • 6 corn tortillas
  • 1.5 cups frijoles refritos (a name I prefer as they are not, in fact, refried)
  • 1 cup enchilada sauce
  • 1 lb ground beef, cooked
  • 1 cup shredded cheese

Full disclosure, I rarely measure.  I find measuring to be a huge hassle, and yes, this has occasionally been to my detriment.  That said, I don’t know for sure how much beans, sauce, or cheese I used.  I gave my beans a big ol’ glop into the meat, stirred it up, and added more if it didn’t look like a decent bean to meat ratio.  I added a little sauce into the beans and meat to give it a little moisture and poured it onto the layers until they were just this side of wet.  I added cheese liberally because I like cheese.  Your mileage may vary, but I had leftovers from both recipes to use for other things.

So, as I said, you want to mix up your beans, meat, and a few table spoons of sauce.  Then in a baking dish, put a little bit of sauce on the bottom, just enough to cover.

Lay down two tortillas and cover that with a scoop of bean/meat mix.

Sprinkle on some cheese:

Pour on a little sauce and then keep layering until you’ve run out of beans/meat.  Throw on two more torillas and drown your lasagna in sauce so that when it cooks everything will get gooey and delicious.

Aaaand, then sprinkle on a ton more cheese (see above re: gooey and delicious):

Now, here comes the fun part.  Wrap it up and don’t even think about eating it for a couple weeks until you and your significant other are actually both home together for dinner.  Just kidding.  I mean, you can totally wrap it up and not think about eating it for a couple weeks–that’s what I did.  But you can also throw it in the oven right away and enjoy it that night.  Either way, heat your oven to 375°, and heat it under the edges are brown and the cheese is all melty.  I cover it with aluminum foil to prevent burning.  It will take longer if it’s frozen, but it still cooks beautifully.  From frozen it took about 1 hour to cook.

Eat ’em up, yum.


One thought on “Frozen Meal: Enchilasagna

  1. This is a really good idea! I figured out how to roll up corn tortillas without cracking them (because I prefer corn tortilla enchiladas too), you have to heat them up on a pan in oil first…but admittedly, doing this 10-12 times, filling them and rolling them up takes FOREVER, which is why I don’t get to eat my beloved enchiladas very often.

    Now, I’m going to give a quick recipe since you like corn tortillas, and I remember you saying something about needing more ways to eat eggs–this is a Tex-mex recipe called Migas (which I didn’t know until I told my mom I was making this for brunch one day). This recipe is really simple, so I just add as much or as little of any ingredient I want, though there are more specific recipes online.

    Heat oil in a pan, cut corn torittas into bite sized strips, add torillas to pan, eventually, you want these to be golden and cripsy, cut onion (if you like onion), add onion and to pan and brown. In a bowl scramble egg(s), once tortillas and onion are browned, add egg to pan, scramble!

    Season to taste. You can add cheese, hot sauce, salsa, avocado, whatever! Yum!


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