Machine Embroidery

I haven’t mentioned it all that much because largely my dabbling in machine embroidery hasn’t been all that successful. I did that submarine convention, but that’s just about it.

Until now.

I’m pretty determined to make machine embroidery a big part of my creativity, and I finally have the decent tools to do it.  I upgraded my machine last week, and by sheer luck I also upgraded my digitizing program.

I had really bad luck with digitizing up until now.  One thing I flat out couldn’t get right was digitzing a QR code.  There should be no reason a QR code doesn’t work out… It’s all right angles, after all.  And digitizing has a tendency to pixelate images, and pixels are nothing more than right angles after all.  But for some reason every QR code I tried to digitize magically did away with all those very important right angles.

Until now.

I downloaded a program called Digitize N Stitch.  I threw a vector image of my QR code into the digitizing wizard, and poof.  Something that actually looked like a QR code.  Something that looked completely unlike every other time I tried to digitize the exact same file.

Then I went to work stitching it out.  Nearly 30000 stitches later, I had this:

I tested it.  It works.  I don’t know that I can stitch it out any smaller than that (It’s approx 120mm square) and have it still be readable.  I’m considering this an absolute victory for my embroidering.  I can’t imagine how much easier everything would have been a year ago if I’d had Digitize n Stitch.  How much more embroidery would I be doing right now?

Whatevs.  The past is the past, and I am suddenly charging into the future.  And the plot thickens.


One thought on “Machine Embroidery

  1. This is nice! I actually have a book on machine embroidery (that I bought before realising I’d need an actual machine to do the machine embroidery XP). Its Decorative Machine Stitching from the singer sewing reference library. I can send it to you if you like.


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