Hydrate while you vitaminate

Vi-ta-mi-nate verb: To boost your daily dosage of vitamins.

New word.  Add it to your daily vocabulary.

I’d like to talk to you briefly about what I’ve learned about eating healthier.  I’m not going to give you any revelations on what it means to eat healthier.  No, I’m going to talk about how other people deal with you eating healthier.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why people (I can’t tell if it’s just women, as I’m not generally surrounded by many men) constantly deride others for eating healthy or try to derail their attempts.  At best I can only think they feel bad about how they eat, and are therefore trying to bring others to their levels.  I will tell you this, though.  No one will ever ask you why you’re eating that 4th chocolate chip cookie, but few people will think twice about going on and on about the fact that you choose to add spinach to your smoothies.  You will hear over and over “Eeeeeeeeeew, I could never drink spinach!!!” from people that would gladly eat spinach.  As if there is some sort of difference.  Oh, wait, there is a difference.  Drinking veggies is easier than eating veggies, and things that are more convenient become habits easier.  But whatevs.

So in an effort to make everyone else like me and NOT like the jerks that feel the need to make snarky remarks about eating habits, I’m going to share my new favorite recipe with the world.  Just in time for one of the main ingredients to stop being easy to come by.  I’m giving like that.

Photographed next to the soda to prove I'm not super-human

Watermelon Cucumber Spinach Juice

  • Approx. 2 cups watermelon (maybe more, I actually use 1/4 of a smallish watermelon)
  • 1/2 cucumber, peeled, and seeded if you’re feeling extra motivated
  • 2 giant handfuls spinach (or more, go to town)
  • 2 packets True Lime*, a few squirts of bottled lime juice, or juice from 1/2 lime (optional, but HIGHLY recommended
  • Sweetener of your choice, to taste

Scoop your watermelon out of the shell, being careful not to hit that nasty white part.  Don’t bother cutting it up, just scoop it with your biggest spoon, and you’ll be good.  Also, unless you’re super squeemish about texture, ignore the seeds.  If you blend well, you’ll barely notice anything, and a watermelon will not grow in your tummy.  Chop your cucumber into rounds (4 or 5 per half will do ya).  Gather your spinach, lime, and sweetener.  Throw all that business into your blender or a large cup in which you can immerse your immersion blender.  Blend the hell out of it for a good minute or two.  Or three.  The idea is juice here, so make sure you don’t have any stray pieces of spinach floating around.

You can add ice, too, if you want.  I rarely use ice for anything, because I’m weird like that.  I drink room/tap temperature water and soda all the time.  Only when the weather hits 100ºF do I really ever consider ice.

A word about the lime.  I made this drink three times (3/4 of a watermelon times) before it dawned on me to use the lime.  Those drinks were fine.  I mean, they were good and refreshing.  But seriously?  The lime?  Takes this from refreshing to mind-blowing.  Try the lime, you won’t regret it.  Unless you don’t like lime, in which case we might not be able to be friends.

*I am not endorsed in any way by the True Lemon folks, but if they wanted to give me free stuff I’d gladly accept it.  This stuff is awesome and makes life worth living.  I usually try not to buy convenience items, but when it comes to produce I will gladly convenience my convenient self all over the convenient world because produce goes bad quickly, kids.  And I don’t like waste.



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