Headless Chicken

It feels like I don’t have days off anymore.  All my days have been booked solid!  Of course, when I do have days without any obligations whatsoever, I get bored and start planning impromptu antiquing outings.  And then when I have days off from work that I’m supposed to use to… oh… sew Christmas presents, I end up trapped for an entire weekend 15 miles from home because of…

17.1 Inches of snow pretty much falling all at once.  I stubbornly went into work on Saturday, despite a massive snowstorm.  Hell froze over, apparently, and they closed my store 5 hours early.  Once I got outside, and I realized my cell phone battery was almost dead, I decided I better not try to drive home.  Instead I headed to my parents’ house and was there until late afternoon on Sunday.  Blew my whole weekend.

So now I’m playing catch up.  I have a delicious blog post planned, but other than that it may be slim pickings around here until I get my holiday crafting done.  Which is not to say it hasn’t been slim up until this point, but I always have such good reasons, don’t I?


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