Catalog Living: That about sums it up

The funny part about reading all the blogs you follow on Google Reader is that it’s not always easy to notice what blog certain content came from.  Case in point, I open up GR today and this picture pops up:

And immediately I was like, “Oh, man, my kitchen totally needs that decal!” Because, seriously… Don’t look at my kitchen right now.  In my defense, I haven’t really been home the last couple days.  In my prosecution, though, I’ve also just been really lazy.  But then I scrolled just a teensy bit further and the whole blog post came together, and I realized who the culprit was…

Screenshot of

Usually Catalog Living has completely off-the-wall commentary about the ridiculous styling that catalogs use.  This time they put me in my place.  Touché, Catalog Living.  Touché.

I still kind of want that decal…..


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