Motivation: Get Groovin’

I mentioned previously that cleaning can be considered a workout, and that that workout can be intensified by putting on some great tunage to shake your rump to.  So what’s a girl to do when none of the music in her collection suits her mood?  Or what if she’s feeling kind of blue and doesn’t really want to do anything, let alone clean?

Enter Stereomood.

In the vein of Pandora and all those other sites that help you find new music to listen to, Stereomood fills your computer with plenty of great stuff to listen to.  Just use the word cloud to choose your mood.  There’s even a “spring cleaning” option.

So now you get to kill two birds with one stone: Boogie down while cleaning and find new music you might not otherwise have heard.  When you’re done cleaning, so back to the main page and click on relax.  Grab a bonbon and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

There are other mood-to-music websites, but I find the music quality (sound quality) to be superior on Stereomood.  I haven’t tested this out completely, but it also seems as if you get a longer playlist allowance.  If interested, other choices are Musicovery and MeeMix.

*Let it be known, I am in no way affiliated with Stereomood.  It came up during a StumbleUpon session, and I thought it would be great background to my cleaning session (as my sewing session was a complete and utter bust).  Then I decided to blog about it.  So there you have it.*

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