Solutions Required: Laundry

I’m going to complain a little.  And then bang my head against the wall for a bit.  However, under no circumstances should anyone tell The Hippy about this.  He’d kill me if he knew his laundry was all over the interwebs.  Luckily for me, if a blog isn’t about politics or economics, he doesn’t read it.

I went to gather up the laundry for washing today–and admittedly, neither of us are good at getting dirty clothes INTO the laundry bin–and decided I was absolutely fed up with The Hippy’s clothes.  You see… His clothes are “stored” at the foot of the bed.  And by stored, I mean thrown in a pile.  As he sifts through the pile, the carefully folded clothes get jumbled into a mess.  On top of that, the dirty clothes, which, if not in the basket, are supposed to go in the hallway.  After a sniff test of every article, I discovered a dozen or so dirty shirts among the pile.  *facepalm*

I was about halfway through sorting when I realized it could be a blog entry.  So.. here it is…

All those folded shirts, plus some off camera, were once part of a massive blob of garments (resembling the pile next to my dresser) that went from end-to-end of the bed, PLUS wall to bed.  In other words, they were getting walked all over every night on the way to bed.  Here’s what it looked like after my hard work:

This is half of his clothes.  The other half are waiting to be washed right now.  It’s going to be out of control when I get that laundry folded up.  The Hippy NEEDS a wardrobe.  It will have to live in the hall, since our bedroom is 10″x9″ (and that’s the big bedroom).  He was supposed to keep his clothes in the other bedroom, but it’s impossible to enter the other bedroom, let alone open the closet door.  But that’s a post for another day.

Oh, and here’s a look at the hallway, where the wardrobe will live:

Most of that is dirty.  However, I found clean, never-even-worn clothes mixed in there.  To be honest, though, that entire stack isn’t dirty laundry. No.  Under the khaki is… wait for it… A Rubbermaid container of EVEN MORE OF THE HIPPY’S CLOTHES.  There’s even a basket (or maybe two) of his clothes in the linen closet.  Living with a man who NEVER throws anything away is infinitely frustrating.

Anyway… The point… My vacation is next week.  I will be scouring craigslist and my local thrift stores for wardrobes.  If we don’t get one, we’ll have to replaster the walls, because there will be a head-shaped hole somewhere very soon.


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