Who is the Wannabe Housewife?

Hi.  My name is Chelsey, and I want to be a housewife when I grow up.  I’m currently a retail slave living in sin with my boyfriend, “The Hippy” and our kitty, Dragon.  I’m far from June Cleaver, but I am taking baby steps toward having a home that is happy, inviting, and successful.

You may be asking yourself why I would declare I want to be a housewife when women worked so hard to not have to be housewives.  Well, the truth is that I don’t believe women (and many men) fought to get women completely out of the home.  I also don’t believe that “A woman’s place is in the home.”  I believe a woman’s place–nay, a person’s place–is wherever her heart is happiest.  My heart happens to be very content in the kitchen, behind the sewing machine, and digging in the garden.

This is a blog of imperfection.  I won’t pretend to be someone I’m not.  In addition to not being June Cleaver, I’m not Martha Stewart.  There are weeks that our laundry goes unwashed, and if washed, goes unfolded.  Dishes occasionally sit in the sink for more than a couple of days, waiting for me to come home from my busy schedule.  But I’m going to try to document what I consider to be the fun in my household life and what works for me when the world outside my doors and windows is buzzing by at  100 mph.

I am not going to start out with daily posts.  I’ve tried this before with my other blogs, and it ended up feeling forced and it stopped being fun.  I started again because I truly missed writing and sharing, and I wasn’t able to convey everything in 140 characters (though I will be starting up a companion Twitter account (found here).  To start, I am aiming for updating every Sunday and Tuesday, as these are the days I am allowed to be more housewife than retail slave.  I would love to hear from any one who stumbles upon this blog to find out what people would like to read about.  And as posts progress, I hope you’ll pass along anything you enjoy to your friends, family, and internet cohorts.

[insert catchphrase closing here]


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