Ways I’m reminded I actually love The Hippy

It’s been a little exasperating, but over the course of this season, The Hippy has decided he loves football.  I don’t hate football, and once it’s on I get rather into it, but I kind of liked having a man around that wasn’t sports obsessed.  Last night he even freaked out a little that we couldn’t watch the Pro-Bowl because we don’t have cable.  I was less upset than he, but I still managed an “I’m sorry, baby.”  He sprung this on me, though…

TH: Did you hear Brett Favre is retiring and opening up a bakery?

DK: What, seriously?

TH: Yeah, he’ll be specializing in turnovers.

DK: UGH… (followed by a smack on the shoulder)

TH: What?!  I had to do it!  It was the first sports joke I ever understood!

So, the joke itself was pretty awful, and it’s probably been around many a block and could be applied to just about anyone in the NFL.  But what tickled me so much was how proud he was to finally get a sports joke.  And that’s something I can giggle about for years to come.

Provided I remember.  I have zero memory (okay, slightly above zero).


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