Money, Money, Money, MONEY… MON-NAY

Believe it or not, this is not me.

I made a few mistakes over the last few months, and my bank account is suffering. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in dire straits, but I prefer to have a FAR bigger cushion than I currently have.  That’s why I’ve decided (after a wonderful party last night that was totally worth it) to not spend money until the end of February.

I’m allowed to spend money under four circumstances and five circumstances only:

  1. Bills
  2. Grocery
  3. Gas for truck (so I can get to work and earn money, duh)
  4. Fast food ONCE in Jan and ONCE in Feb.
  5. Snow pants

The first three are fairly self-explanatory.  #4 is for a couple reasons…  I’ll be eating (supposedly) healthier.  It will also challenge me to make sure I’m not being lazy.  It means bringing food to work, even when I don’t have dinner leftovers. In the meantime, I think I need to be coming up with as many brown rice recipes as possible, because if The Hippy isn’t around, I ought to be eating the uber healthy and filling things that I can’t get away with sharing with The Hippy.

#5 is probably most baffling.  You see, I have no snow pants.  But I NEEEEEED snow pants.  I need them before winter is up so that I might do awesomely free activities such as ice skating and sledding.  I would preferably like to get them ridiculously cheap, because, well, duh.  But I need them.  I’ve actually even toyed with the idea of making them, but I’d have to make sure I can get an amazing deal on the fabrics.  Actually, if I wanted to go that route, this weekend would be a really good time to do it…. 50% off coupons!

In regards to #2, I have been thinking about doing at least some of my shopping at Aldi’s.  For some reason I’m scared, even though I’ve heard really great things.  I almost feel like I need someone to hold my hand!  Help!  Any tips?

The dinner bell tolls, and it tolls for me to use my oven squirrel to retrieve my Shepherd’s Tot Pie (recipe sometime this week).


One thought on “Money, Money, Money, MONEY… MON-NAY

  1. Aldi’s! Here’s all the help you’ll need: Make your list of grocery needs, go to Aldi’s, get everything you can there. Only things we avoid at Aldi’s are taco seasoning & cheese & sometimes the meat (not the freezer meat, but the meat aisle meat is sometimes suspect), but the milk, eggs, cereal, and even the produce are good.

    Get everything you can there and if something doesn’t taste as good to you, get it from somewhere else the next time. We have a list of things (the aforementioned foodstuffs) that we just always expect to get from Target instead.

    A fun game is to put everything on the counter and then guess what it’ll cost before it rings up. We get SO many groceries there and it almost never exceeds $50. It is ridiculous.

    Blog about the results!


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