Another New Years Post

In 2007 I had hair.  It was, oh, probably just past my shoulders.  I’d been too lazy to do much with it, and I was getting tempted to cut it.  It had, after all, been about a year and a half since I’d gotten it cut last.  I didn’t know what I wanted, and I think I probably wasn’t ready to shell out the cash.  I would say this was probably sometime around my birthday, because it’s usually at my birthday that I start making decisions for myself.  It was then that I decided I would donate my hair.

I didn’t feel as if my hair was long enough at the time, so I thought it would be an excellent new year’s resolution.  It was, after all, a resolution I was almost 100% guaranteed to be able to keep.  And I did it.  Even though it took me another month to actually go ahead and mail the hair out, I cut off about 18″ of hair shortly after the new year (I think it may have been January 5, 2008).  I decided it was a pretty rad resolution, and it was something I wanted to continue.

Fast forward to September 2009.  My hair is starting to get long again, and it’s also starting to drive me bonkers.  I love the way long hair looks, but really, it’s a pain in the ass.  Always having to tie it back to do anything.  Taking forever to rinse it out in the shower.  Finding 3′ long hair EVERYWHERE you turn……  I was counting down the time until new years.  And finally it came.

Llama face!

That’s from Oct. 6, 2009.  It’s the only decent before picture I could find, because I foolishly  didn’t take one before getting it chopped (long story, but I was in a huge hurry).  It’s very, very rare for there to be a picture of me with my hair down (see above).  It’s very, very, VERY rare to find a picture of me.  Period.

Are you ready?

Doot doo doo DOOOOOOOOOO!

BOOM Baby!

I luuuurve it.  I love the feeling of brushing newly cut hair for the first time (even if I did throw my hair brush on the floor twice because I was used to brushing much harder).  I love swishing my head around and having the hair wisp around my face.  I love looking in the mirror and seeing someone new (even though that someone is starting to look suspiciously like her mother).  I love that I walked into work and my friend shouted, “Monkey!!!!  You cut all your hair off!!” (I have no idea why she calls me Monkey, and neither does she, but it stuck.)

And now I just need to redye it.  The last time I dyed it was the day before my before picture was taken.  And I’m taking Rocketdog down with me!  Woot!  Oh, and send it off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  In that order.  Because I’ll probably be too lazy to send it until February again.


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