New Year…

I started my resolution a week early.  I knew if I waited, I would never do it.  During the Christmas season, I needed to get up an hour early to be at work an hour earlier than usual.  Since my jeans have been getting… umm.. snug.. I decided I would just keep getting up at the same time and work out.

I received EA Sports Active for Christmas, so I’ve been using that.  I gotta say, I love it.  After a bit of a rough start with the nunchuck in the leg pouch thing, I’m finding myself getting a great workout.  I’ve been using the preset workouts mostly, but I also created my own.  The thing I really like about the presets (that I didn’t really realize until today) is that they are randomized.  I haven’t gotten the same workout twice yet.

I don’t have huge weight-loss goals.  I just want my pants to fit again.  I decided it’s far easier for me to get up earlier and add a workout in than it is to change the way I eat.  I like eating.  I like sweets.  I also like to work out, I just never made time for it before.  My only goal is to keep this up.  Working out makes me happier, even if I’ve been sore for the last week.

That means it’s working, right?


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