My name is DK, and I’m addicted to corn.  I especially love corn on the cob, which makes this time of year almost dangerous.  I live in a house of two, yet I cannot buy just two ears of corn.  Not when corn is 6 ears for $2.  At least here in MN, you can’t go past a street corner, grocery store produce section, or farmers market without seeing sweet corn for sale at lovely prices. So, yeah, I end up buying lots and lots of corn.

Tonight I came home with six ears with the intention of blanching them and freezing them.  Apparently they were smaller or my instructions sucked or something because they cooked, not blanched.  Even after only a few short minutes.  No matter; I saved three in the fridge and froze the other three.  I can polish off the first three in no time flat.  In fact, I already ate one…



Seriously, kids.  I love corn so much that picture almost didn’t get taken.  It was getting between me and my corn.  And I wasn’t hungry.  But the three ears I let sit to cool before freezing them made the whole house (the whole house consists of only four rooms, really, so it’s not much of a stretch) smell like corn.  How could I resist?

I love the spiral pattern on that ear.  It made it a little awkward to eat though.  I’m kind of particular about how I eat my corn.  It must be eaten typewriter style.  I am comfortable biting through three or four rows, but any more or less and I start to feel weird.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still eat it…  I’ll just feel weird doing it.

Also, those cob holders up there?  Awesome.  I won them at a baby shower with my mad word finding skills.  From what I heard, most people were on the second or third word out of ten when I finished.  I rule at word finds and word scrambles (yet I suck at tapwords on my ipod…) so I knew I would win.  Here’s a close up of those puppies:

Photo from Amazon.com

Photo from Amazon.com

These are the Zyliss Interlocking Corn Holders by name, but I like to call them corn holders from heaven.  It helped that they were free, but even if they hadn’t been, they’re cheap and totally worth the $6.  They lock together, so there aren’t a million little corn holders floating around my drawer or taking up a plastic baggy and poking it full of holes.  The size is on the bulky side, which is really comfortable in the hand.  The pokey bits are long and sort of spread apart, which I think makes it easier for them to hold onto the corn–even on the narrow end.  I always end up losing the holder on the narrow end with most cob holders.  I haven’t lost and ear yet with these, although I did once have one pokey bit poke through to where I was eating.  It was easily remedied, though.

One last thing about corn….  There’s only a mere 10 days before I get my hands on Minnesota State Fair roasted corn and other MNSF goodies.  I’m going on the 4th and the 7th, and I’m going to eat.  Tons.  Possibly more than tons.  I might need to be rolled home.  Both days.  Because my favorite thing in the entire world is the Minnesota State Fair.  I get teary-eyed when I drive by off-season.  I kid you not.  Ten days.


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