This post is half a week overdue

I few Fridays ago, Rocketdog and I were watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  Something got me thinking about falafels, and ever since then I’ve felt a strong desire to make them.  I’d like to point out that I’d never in my life eaten a falafel.  I knew they were made from chickpeas, and I love hummus (also made from chickpeas), and I knew they were fried.  And yet, I needed to make them.  So I did.


I very, very loosely followed this recipe.  I usually have a rule of following recipes exactly the first time I try them, but I was lacking some spices and a food processor.  I didn’t have cumin or garlic, so I decided to substitute seasoned salt and garlic salt.  Also, I hate cilantro, so that was just plain out.  I used my potato masher, and while it took some muscle, I think I ended up with a better finished product than I would have if I’d used a processor.  I’d read some other recipes online, and they all said that the falafels didn’t cook well when made with a food processor.


I know from the same reading that falafels can either be balls or patties.  Since I was planning on putting them in pitas, I decided to make patties.  Nom nom, fry-y goodness.


Whole wheat pita, lettuce, falafel, and the yogurt sauce in the recipe above.  And it was ridiculously delicious.  Salty, but delicious.  I bought cumin today, so I’ll be making them again.  Probably tomorrow for lunch.  Because I’m officially obsessed with them.  And I have yogurt sauce to use up.


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