I’m a late bloomer…..


Our dirt finally arrived.  We spent a good four hours hauling dirt from our parking pad to the two gardens in our yard.  Our renter helped for about half the time, which was awesome and much appreciated, even though it made The Hippy feel guilty.  I told him to quit worrying because she wanted to help.

Because our dirt came way later than I ever thought it would, I decided to run to the nursery this afternoon to get myself some pre-grown veggies.  Lucky me, they were half off!  I’m still nervous about whether they will be successful, but I tried to pick things that had a shorter maturity time.


Front row: sweet basil, oregano, parsley.  Back row: Rhubarb, chocolate mint


Front row: Melon (I think it’s watermelon), cucumber x2, tomato.  Back row: Melon (honeydew… maybe.  They could be switched), squash (spaghetti and acorn, don’t remember the order), tomato

Planting went fast, but it was incredibly annoying.  Why?



As it turns out, I really don’t like dogs all that much.  And I especially don’t like dogs that don’t like me.  I’m not sure if glaring at them made things worse, but hoses were a good temporary fix…  Until they started barking again.

I’ve had flowers going in my yard for a month or so now.  Just haven’t gotten around to mentioning them….


Moss roses, aster, and snap dragons.  If you’re wondering why they aren’t in the dirt, well, that’s reserved for my beloved moonflowers.  Provided they actually grow.  I’ll be sad if they don’t.  Right now there’s stuff growing, but for the most part, I can’t tell if they’re weeds or moon flowers.


Not a terribly impressive photo, but this is my pride and joy right now.  I bought this black-eyed susan vine because it was stunning.  STUNNING.  Don’t believe me? See what they look like here.  Only mine is yellow and orange.  We went away the weekend after memorial day and it was HOT all weekend (here… not up north where we were).  Didn’t think to bring my plant inside, and the renter was gone so no one watered.  It was a brown withered mess when we got home.  But careful watch, grooming, and watering has bounced my baby back.  It now has one flower, another on the way, and tons of new growth.

See all that shit in the background of that picture?  We’re on the hunt for shrubs and other plants to cover up our view of the neighbors’ yards (both sides).  We want to go outside in peace and to enjoy the view.  I got one shrub today, but I want The Hippy to help pick everything else out.  Anyone have a favorite shrub?  Lilacs are very, very low on my list because we have a huge lilac bush along the alley.


3 thoughts on “I’m a late bloomer…..

  1. Rocketdog says:

    Japanese barberry. Not very good for blocking the view but prickly enough to keep the bad guys out. That bush by the gate at our childhood home? Japanese barberry.


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