Does 3Mx2=6M?

I just had to blog about the bandage I found at work.  I only mention it because it one-ups the previous post in which I waxed poetic about Nexcare bandages.  And while I still believe Nexcare bandages are the shiznit, I have found better.


Sorry so crappy--had to take it left handed

Sorry so crappy--had to take it left handed

Oh yes.  That is, in fact, Davy Jones of Pirates of the Caribbean fame.  Not only that but it’s got three more things going for it. 1. It sticks like the dickens, even on my joints.  2. It is perfectly shaped to fit my cut. 3. It’s a Nexcare bandage.  Oh yes.  Really, 1 and 3 should be the same because… It sticks like the dickens BECAUSE it’s a Nexcare bandage.

I am a devout generic product user, but for your money, Nexcare is the way to go.  It may cost more, but you end up using far more generics when they keep falling off.


2 thoughts on “Does 3Mx2=6M?

  1. I think that bandaid is leftover from Christian’s tenure. And I totally agree, those “waterproof” bandages are the stickiest, bestest ever. They should make them in more sizes.


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