Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing

As a Minnesotan, I think it’s almost a requirement to be fairly faithful to 3M products.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that 3M products are found everywhere and in just about everything.  But while some people may be stuck on Band-Aid brand, I find myself partial to Nexare 3M bandages.


I cut myself doing stupid, stupid things with a black bean can.  Namely, either my can opener sucks or my can opening skills are lacking, so I was trying to pry apart the still-connected pieces with a spoon.  Of course my spoon slipped and my thumb rammed directly into the edge of the lid.  After calling The Hippy inside to turn off the heat on the meat while I kept myself from passing out in the bathroom, I rummaged in the medicine cabinet for my bandages.  My box of generic had two 3Ms that I’d thrown in to empty a box.

I cannot speak highly enough of Nexcare bandages.  They stick like mad, even after washing hands.  90% of my cuts happen on my hands (occupational hazard), so that’s incredibly important to me.  They’re fabric, so they don’t tear or crack, but they also don’t uncomfortably take on water like other fabric bandages.

So now I sit here, hurting and nauseous.  But I can rest assured that my thumb is in good hands.


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