Didn’t sleep a wink…

…last night.  Or at least it felt like it.  I obviously did, because I dreamed, but I’m sure I spent equal time asleep and awake.  You know that feeling when you’re worried you won’t wake up for something important, so you fret about it all night?  Yeah.  That was last night.  What was my something important?  Showering.

I shower at night.  I hate showering in the morning.  It doesn’t “wake me up” or “energize me.”  It makes me cranky because I have to wake up early.  And since I refuse to wake up much earlier, I end up going to work with wet hair.  I also hate blow drying hair.  A lot.

I’d put off showering all weekend because I was running around.  I was determined to shower last night, but The Hippy and his dad had to shut the water off to fix something in the renter’s bathroom.  By the time the water was turned back on, it was late and I didn’t feel like being in the shower or just getting out of the shower as his dad was leaving.  So I decided I would shower this morning.

All night I was dreaming about waking up or my alarm or showering.  I heard my alarm go off in one dream, so of course I woke up.  Checked the time… I still had two hours to sleep.  I don’t know where my alarm sound came from–that typically only happens in a dream when the sound is actually occurring in real life.  Then later I dreamt I was at work about to go on my 15 minute break.  So I told my boss I had to hurry so I could hop in the shower.  Apparently in dreamland, everyone showers at work, because no one was at all shocked.  So I went to the break room to eat something first, but apparently everyone else in the room was finishing up eating the same time I was, and they all had to pee.

Suddenly the coworker I was talking to turned into my old college roommate.  She told me that there was another shower “not in the room, but in the room.”  Thoroughly confused, I left the breakroom/dorm area and promptly woke up.  It was still awhile before my alarm would go off, so I spent the rest of the time tossing and turning.  I am now successfully showered, but entirely uninterested in going to work.  Of course, this *is* supposed to be my day off.  Stupid craft sale on Saturday cutting into my time off.


2 thoughts on “Didn’t sleep a wink…

  1. You really have a complex about showering in the morning, don’t you? I understand. When I’ve just gotten out of my warm bed, heartrate still comfortably slow, the hot water feels womb-like and makes me want to curl up right there on the tile. The worst part is getting out and being so frickin freezing. It’s actually angering.


    • DK says:

      I have a hatred of showering in general, and it is largely in part to the awful cold feeling at the end. Add to that the pain of waking in the morning, and morning showering is downright dreadful.


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