Blogging from the past…

This post is being written on Thursday, but published on Friday.  I shouldn’t even bother to give away this secret, but I fail to see how it matters.  I just don’t want 1) Two posts in one day and 2) to forget to post it.  I merely mention this so people don’t get concerned that I’m blogging while I should be working.

I few months ago i started a kitchen window garden.  I would really like to replace a window with a greenhouse window.  I think I would get more even sunlight, and just a better environment for my plants.  Still, without that, I have come up with this:

dscn3089We got your tomatoes, your parsley (which went from 2″ tall to 5″ tall virtually overnight) and your oregano.  The tomato and parsley plants are totally schooling everything else…


And your basil and bonsai kit.  The bonsai kit belongs to The Hippy.  We got it at World Market’s closeout.  I also have an ivy plant that deserves more sunlight than I am able to give it.

Our renter wants a garden, so we’re building her one and one on our side to make the yard symmetrical.  The Hippy toyed with the idea of building one giant garden, but then he decided it would be unfair to the renter.  We’re kind of lazy, and we’re afraid she would end up taking care of our part of the garden.  I’m not sure what will go in the garden, but I know my mom had saved a bunch of seeds for me from last year.  We’ll see.  A green thumb I have not.


2 thoughts on “Blogging from the past…

  1. Yay! My parsley is just peaking out of the dirt, but the snow peas and pole beans are so big I’m not sure what I’ll do with them until May. Perhaps I was a bit hasty in starting them.


    • DK says:

      I really look forward to how your garden works out. I would really love to have a real veggie garden some day, but we’re going to have to be way smarter than the rabbits that LOVE our yard.


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