For want of a post…

The HandmadeMN team is breaking in their Ning group (sorry, no link, it’s Members Only 😉 ) by listing 25 interesting things about themselves.  I made my list this morning after hours and hours of deliberation (sprinkled with Bingo Luau, which is the new Poppit and Sweet Tooth).  I thought I would share it, even though very little of it is interesting.

1.I taught myself virtually every craft I know.
2.I am terrified of glitter.
3.I hated reading from middle school until college.  Now I usually have two books going at once, and I’m completely addicted to used book sales.
4.I have a serious sweet tooth and can’t go a day without something sinful.
5.I don’t believe in greeting cards, but feel like a jerk if I don’t give one.
6.I make an amazing cheese sauce, but I adore Kraft Dinner.

Actually Target Brand Sports Shapes with one elbow and one shell mixed in

Actually Target Brand Sports Shapes with one elbow and one shell mixed in

7.I blame 9/11 for my D in college calculus—I skipped class to give blood, and rarely went back after that.  Truth is, I would have done poorly anyway.
8.I don’t know my own home phone number, but I still remember my mom’s work number from over 10 years and four jobs ago.
9.The only resolution I’ve ever kept was to donate my hair.  That will be my resolution for 2010 as well (and every two years after).
10.I was anti-Apple until I worked for a publisher.  Now I have two iPods and a MacBook.
11.I had a number 11, but I forgot it.
12.I wish I would have been alive in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.
13.I love working on cars, even though I don’t know anything about them.

WIP: Tuco at World of Wheels

WIP: Tuco at World of Wheels

14.I don’t consider myself to be an artist or even all that creative.  I just enjoy working with my hands.
15.I have a degree in creative writing but no stories in my head.
16.I like making the things people usually buy: laundry detergent, clothes, pizza crust… Next on my list are bagels and marshmallows.
17.I don’t care how many people tell me she’s a bitch; I would love to meet Martha Stewart.
18.I once tried roasting a Peep (chick, not bunny).  While hilarious, I wouldn’t recommend it for consumption.
19.I’m on a bowling team; my average is 107.
20.My dad and I dream of going on Wheel of Fortune together.
21.I am almost always cold—I get worried when I feel warm.

Best.  win. EVER.

Best. win. EVER.

22.I always bet on the long shots and my birthday horse (seventh horse in the 9th race) at the track; I have a tendency to make a nice chunk of money and bewilder other track goers.
23.My truck is named Brody after Billy Zane’s character in the video game SSX Tricky.
24.I got my business name from my first license plate.
25.My sister and I dressed up for the first showing of the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie—I spent months making the costumes and didn’t care that we were pretty much the only ones dressed up.

I will probably not be forgiven for this...

I will probably not be forgiven for this...


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