Florida Recap…

We’re back, safe and sound. The trip was way too short with more travel than seeing and doing, but it was still really nice to get away, and I had a great time with The Hippy and his family. We spent the first night in Fort Lauderdale, of which I have no pictures. It was late, and neither of us had had more than an hour or two of sleep in the last 24 hours. We did eat at a really great pizza joint in Weston, so if you’re ever out that way, definitely stop at Pizza Heaven.

Day two was an unfortunately long drive to the Keys.  Long, but worth it.  We made a pit stop in Key Largo, and from that point on in the trip, I sang Beach Boys songs in my head.  There, we saw the African Queen.

Nope, never saw the movie.

Nope, never saw the movie.

Then… drive drive drive.

Old bridges are missing chunks

Old bridges are missing chunks

To Sugarloaf Key.


Sugarloaf Key KOA=nearly heaven. Nearly.

Heaven except that it was a titch too cold and windy for lil ol’ me and there was karaoke at the pub where we spent St. Patrick’s Day evening.  I also discovered that if I haven’t had a good amount of sleep in 48 hours, and I’m cold, making fun of me repeatedly about my hoodie will, in fact, make me cry and make you feel like an ass.

Next day, relaxing, picture taking, and Key West.  Okay, we went to Key West on St. Patrick’s Day too, but that was a bust.  Let’s forget about that.

But(t)... Why?

But(t)... Why?

For some reason, among all his really great pictures, The Hippy decided to take a picture of my butt.  At least it’s not nearly as huge as I thought.  (I have just been informed that it doesn’t look big because of the lens used.  He was promptly punched.)

Wandered ’round Key West for hours, seeing all the cool stuff on Duval, before heading to Mallory Square (I think?) for their sunset festival thingy.  Lots of street performers, but we only watched one: an awesome comedian with a magic act.  No pictures of him, sadly.  But he was funny AND really good at magic.  Suffice it to say.

dark, but tons of people

dark, but tons of people

Last day was the Everglades where there are scary monsters.



Honestly, I loved the air boat ride, but aligators scare the crap out of me.  The big one kept circling the boat.  He kept looking right at us.  Not cool.  I would still do it again.  I would, and will, do the whole trip again.


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