The week everything went wrong

Actually, things going wrong is a common theme around these parts.  It’s pretty much why I haven’t sewn in forever.  Because I keep failing, and it’s depressing the hell out of me.  Anyway…

I tried making grilled cheese sandwiches for The Hippie last night.  Grilled cheese, people.  Short of burning it, I thought grilled cheese was impossible to screw up.  Apparently I was wrong.  Either the bread or the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter was to blame, but the sandwich would not grill.  It merely stuck to the bottom of the pan, smushing the bread at the mere thought of flipping it.  What was left was a soggy, buttery, disgusting mess.  Anything that browned stuck to the pan.  Anything that didn’t just smushed up into a misshaped blob.  The Hippie came in to try his hand and the same thing happened.  He ended up eating the sandwiches, but he said they were pretty bad.

About five days ago, I tried to make ice cream.  I’ve been making ice cream successfully thus far, but for some reason this batch will not ice.  I tried it twice before reading that maybe I was filling to drum too much.  So today I’m trying it again with way less of the mixture.  Still it’s just half and half floating around in a bucket.  I’m resigned to throwing it out now.  I’m convinced there’s a problem somehow with my mixture, but I have no clue what that could be.  It’s just a standard eggless vanilla ice cream recipe.  It’s not fancy, it’s just not working.

Before I chuck the mix, does anyone have any suggestions?  What can I do with ice cream that won’t ice??


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