That New-Do that You-Do

My roots were about two inches long, and I wasn’t feeling very special anymore.


Sooo… I’m red again.  I truly dig henna.  I got mine from Henna for Hair.  I bought their recommended amount for my hair length and ended up with at LEAST four times what I really needed.  I froze what was left over from last time, and am happy to report the results were A-OK!  I still have at least two more uses out of it.

If you want to go red, I’d say henna is the way to go.  With shipping I believe I spent $23.  Conventional red dyes fade extremely quickly.  My hair still had a red tint after 4 months with the henna, which was evidenced by how drastically different my roots were from everything else.  With conventional dyes, after the red faded, my hair would start to pick up the color from what I was wearing.  If I wore something darkish or blue/green, my hair would turn green and I would look terrible.  A particularly bad shopping experience made me go home in tears, dye my hair brown, and swear off dying for years.

Until henna.  Once I find out how many more uses I’ll get, I’ll know for sure how far my money has gone.  If it stays at four uses, I’m at least on par with conventional hair dyes in terms of costs.  Results, however, there is no comparison.


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