The post in which I make him look dumb.

My boyfriend is, hands down, the smartest person I know.  Insufferably so.  He can fix just about any problem that’s presented to him.  He does calculus in his head.  He can outsmart anyone in a debate.  He baffles the mind.  He’s not human.  There are times, however, when I can get the better of him.  Especially when it comes to words.  It’s not that he’s bad with words–he’s amazing, actually, and thoroughly enjoys etymology almost as much as I do.  He just sometimes has a hard time grasping the word he’s supposed to use.


Por ejemplo:

The Hippy (while talking about something highly political that I have long since forgotten… probably wasn’t even listening): Blah blah blah Manga Carta.

DK: *blank stare*

TH:Well, am I wrong?

DK: Probaby not, but your point would probably be stronger if you didn’t call it the Manga Carta.


Because The Hippy is so damned smart, I often feel like an idiot.  It feels really, really good to come up with the snippy comment or have a great idea, even if it happens once in a blue moon.  I know he feels a little proud when I show some smarts, but he also hates it when I come up with something he didn’t come up with first.  I think that happened yesterday when we were making grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches…

DK: I left the knife on top of the pile in case you wanted to use it again.

TH: Oh, so you just thought I’d want another sandwich, huh?  That’s awfully pretentious of you.

DK: I think you mean presumptuous.  *Pause*  That was pretentious.

TH: Yeah, thanks for giving me that example…

At which point I promptly went back to my role of being the village idiot.  It’s a role I’ve been in my entire life; it’s where I’m most comfortable.


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