My jeans want me to stop baking

But I kind of love my kitchen.  It’s not terribly exciting, and it’s kind of small, but it’s my kitchen.  And I have dishes that I dig.  I received a ton of old Pyrex bakeware for my birthday, even when I said, “No presents!!”  For Christmas, I bought myself a mixing set from my work that I thought would be “okay” but I really love it.  It came with a giant measuring-cup-slash-mixing-bowl that I’ve used so many times that I feel it already paid for itself.


It’s not the greatest cookie making bowl, and paired with not having an electric mixer, this was a fun experience.  But I figured people have been making cookies for billions of years without electric mixers, so can I.  But if anyone would like to get me a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, I wouldn’t complain.


I wanted to try new cookies, specifically cookies with wheat flour, so I followed this recipe to so-so results.  They are a little dry, and that made them extra hard to mix.  I think I would just go for a full cup of butter and be done with it.  Otherwise, I think the biggest problem I had was taking them out of the oven soon enough.  I’m a soft cookie gal, and some of these turned out way too hard.  Others were perfect.  Go figure.  I finally got to use the cookie scoop I bought myself last Christmas.  This is not to say I haven’t made cookies since then… I just have never been able to find the scoop when I wanted to use it.


The result was little mound shaped cookies that were a little nutty like people say wheat flour usually is.  But they’re incredibly addicting.  And since some of them are crazy crunchy, it’s also a little like playing Russian Roulette.  Only the end result is always delicious…

Side note: That Pyrex bowl so precariously close to the edge of the counter in the first picture actually took a tumble.  It survived, cementing Pyrex in my heart for all eternity.  The fork was my dough tasting fork.  It got a thorough workout that afternoon.


2 thoughts on “My jeans want me to stop baking

  1. If that is an actual granite countertop I will be ever so jealous. As someone who usually cooks gluten free, I have discovered that sometimes mixing flours – changing out 1/2 a cup of tapioca, cornstarch or potato flour will often make cookies with a heavy grain a little less dry. My oven is old and never cooks anything correctly. But I LOVE my KitchenAid mixer. It will be here long after I am gone, to be sure.


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