Six more weeks…

I love warm, sunny winter days when everything starts melting and Minnesotans think they can go outside without coats.  It’s a funny phenomenon: when the temp hits 40 at the beginning of winter, people start bunding up; when it hits 40 after a cold spell, people start peeling clothes off like it’s a summer blackout.

I do, however, hate the nights that follow.  The nights, invariably, are never above freezing, and therefore anywhere melted snow pooled becomes a death trap.  As my knee quickly found out on Saturday night.

I had to stop to pick something up, and as I rounded my truck, I met ice and came down ridiculously hard and fast.  I was at the end of my parents’ driveway, so I called my dad and asked him to come out and help me.  Once inside, I rolled up my pants to find a rather bloodied knee.  Also, there were two holes in my brand new work pants.  Awesome.

8 hours later

8 hours later

I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t sleep, so I got up and interneted until 6.  That’s what my knee looked like at around 5.  I was thinking I was off the hook from a badly bruised knee thanks to my quick icing….

24 hours later

24 hours later

Nice!  The biggest problem with this was that I needed to crawl around on the floor for a good chunk of Sunday.  That is, after all, where I cut out large pieces of fabric.  Not only was my knee all bruised up, but I must have either worn out my left arm at work, or jarred it when I fell, because I could hardly move myself around while working on the floor.  I was a whiny mess.

(I like that first picture better because I don’t look nearly as pale….  But really, it’s just lamplight instead of sunlight….)


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