Donde Esta El Card Reader

I’d post pictures of various portions of my new home, but I seem to have misplaced my card reader.  I’m seriously against using the dock for my camera, even though I know exactly where it is…  My pictures just aren’t important enough to warrant angering myself with something oh so petty.

What I’ve been busy with, thereby keeping me from blogging about anything:

  • Cleaning 5o years worth of hair out of the bathtub drain
  • Building shelves and craft desks
  • Watching obscene amount of House–So THAT’S how he pissed off that cop…
  • Teaching The Hippy how to make stove-top popcorn.  Poor dear thought it could only come from a microwave.
  • Watching Bob Ross and other PBS shows I wouldn’t otherwise watch because we’ll never ever have cable again.
  • Sneaking back under the guise of “getting more stuff,” but really snuggling the kitties because it will also be a long time before I have a cat.
  • Washing obscene amounts of dishes and praying I don’t get another finger infection.  I can’t find my gloves, and I’m too stubborn to go to the store (see above regarding camera dock).
  • Reading Marley and Me and trying not to get caught crying.
  • Sewing little bits and bits because my sewing stuff is still in a complete disarray.
  • Getting cut off by various odd cars on the highways between new and old homes and new home and work: state patrol–no lights on, school bus, semi, and two limos on two consecutive days in the exact same spot on the highway.

What I really, really need is a night with my buddies, though.  We’ve all been too busy.  I will shake my fist until someone can figure out a way to get us all together.


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