Resolutions all around…

…plus some loose ends to tie up.

On my “work” blog I revealed my official New Year’s Resolution.  I have a few minor resolutions that I also have in mind.  In addition to making something from my stash once a week, I would also like to try a new recipe once a week.  That one might be a stretch as I get lazy and complacent, but I also have a crap-load of recipes at my disposal, so I will really never have to search very hard.  First up will be Whole Grain Bagels.  It’s my first step in not visiting Panera all the time for theirs.  I will post particularly successful/pretty creations here.

Also food related, I want to get my snacking under control.  I’ve become a wicked sugar fiend.  I want to go back to snacking mainly on popcorn and having fruit or yogurt on one of my work breaks.  I refuse to give up desserts, though, and no one can make me, not even myself.  I’d like to give up the soda too, and I found myself madly, madly in love with Tazo’s Zen green tea… Even more so than the green tea I got at Tea Source.  I’d link to it, but I fully hate Tazo’s website.  I can’t link directly to the tea because it’s all flash.  I hate flash.  But…. Sugar addict.  Ugh.

But, immediately in the new year, I will buy myself some clothes.  My work wardrobe is literally falling apart.  It just has to last me one… more… day!  My shoes are shot, my black pants have been worn through by my monster thighs, my khaki pants are close to the same fate…  I’ve put it off long enough, and now I’m going to go nuts.

I’m still trying to relax.  I packed up my sewing machines, and that’s as far as I got before I became too overwhelmed.  The Hippy was pissed because his mom and sister took it upon themselves to put all his stuff in boxes.  I would welcome that right now.


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