Lack of… everything

I have made the decision not to post any of the presents I’m making.  While there’s a very good chance my dad, brother-in-law, and boyfriend will read this blog, I kind of want the presents to be a surprise for all involved.  I don’t want Christmas to feel like a repeat for Rocketdog when everyone opens their presents.  Oh!  Merry Christmas!  I already knew you were getting that!

And since Christmas presents are all I’m allowing myself to work on for the next week, we’ll have to go just a little bit longer.  I promise I will take pictures of everything, and that should tide you over until the new year when I unleash my amazing new Resolution Extravaganza!  It will be one year of awesomeness.  I promise.  It will be amazing. Ha.


3 thoughts on “Lack of… everything

    • DK says:

      Everyone likes a genuine surprised face. I always have this habit of telling everyone what I got everyone else, so I’m trying something new this year.


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