I’m reasonabily certain that isn’t the first time I’ve used that as a blog post title…

The Hippy and I spent the night in our new home last night.  It’s foreign territory to both of us, but the neighborhood looks and sounds just fine.  Despite that, we jumped every time we heard a noise because we’re paranoid freaks.  The furnace will take some finagling–one minute we were freezing, the next we were burning up.

He’ll be living there alone until after Christmas.  With No Coast and Craftmas coming up, plus my overwhelming desire to make everyone’s present, I’m going to be in no shape to move.  The majority of what I own is sewing supplies, and while I intend to move things over in pieces, I can’t uproot my sewing area until all my sewing is out of the way.

I’ll be honest… It’s overwhelming…


6 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. DK says:

    No, but I kept telling him we need to look into one. Neither of us are very familiar with gravity heated homes, but we suspect the freezing part comes from a poorly insulated attic. The doors were shut, so there’s no reason we should have lost any heat other than insulation. Regardless, the nice part about it being on the small side is that it’s relatively cheap to heat : D


  2. Woo home!! Congratulations, that is a big deal!!

    Don’t be overwhelmed. The move will just happen, whether you think about it a lot or don’t! (Easier said than done, I know)


  3. DK says:

    thanks to everyone!

    Larue: I can make one and bring it to the sales.
    Christine: I’m moving things over everytime I go. I’m hoping I can get him to pack stuff for me because he’s tired of being alone (already!)


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