I could pretend this is why I’m lazy…

I had every intention of briefly blogging about how my right hand has been experiencing weird joint pain.  It started yesterday when I was cooking pasta, and I suddenly couldn’t move my hand back.  The pain was excruciating.  It didn’t last long… half hour maybe?  But it was BAD.  There were a few lingering twitches, even into today, but nothing I can’t handle.

Then while I was at work this morning, my very most important finger ever was struck with the hell pain.  Yes, friends, I couldn’t move or even think about my middle finger.  This one didn’t last long either, but it felt… weird all day.

But I still can’t use my hand very well.  My joints appear to be fine.  It’s my flesh now.  I was adjusting my position on a break room chair when it bit me.  The POS chairs have staples or nails or something inside them that aren’t stapled into anything.  And one of those staples found its way into my hand.  Right under my index finger.  Making moving my fingers a tender experience at best.

Staple wounds, like paper cuts, hurt way more than they should.  The hole is small, so blood had a hard time finding its way out.  I’ve got a little bruise around the puncture.  Of course I spent the morning yelling, “I’m hemorrhaging!”  I’m nothing if not over dramatic.


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