Lamentations over a lost treat

I never ate Pop Rocks much as a kid.  I didn’t give into the Pop Rocks/Coke exploding stomach hype, I was just more of a Fun Dip type of girl.  But for some reason, I was incredibly drawn to Dairy Queen’s Grape Kool-Aid Explosion Blizzard.  I think the grape Kool-Aid helped, because I do love me some grape Kool-Aid.  A lot.  Needless to say, I was pretty distraught when they pulled that from their line up.

I didn’t need to be sad for too long, though, because that very same year, Ben and Jerry’s was selling KaBerry KABOOM!  It wasn’t Grape Kool-Aid Explosion, but it had the right blend of ice cream and berry (I’m more of a fruit dessert than a chocolate dessert person) with the awesomeness of Pop Rocks.  But then that quickly disappeared too…

I feel like I may be the only person who likes Pop Rocks.  Take, for example, this awesome candy I heard about last week.  This awesome candy which I had to buy four bars of.


Normally I’d be uncomfortable buying that much chocolate.  I feel like chocolate is a silly little luxury that I shouldn’t be allowed to spend money on.  But alas, these were easy to buy.  Why?


Why does every awesome Pop Rocks treat disappear just when I start liking it?  I don’t really like eating just plain Pop Rocks.  I can live without Pop Rocks until I find out someone has made something with them.  I’m so annoyed I can hardly think straight.  Also, I’m starting to smell banana even though I haven’t had any banana, but Paula Deen is making Banana Pie on TV right now…  I think I’m going crazy.  Maybe I should lay down and cuddle with Mister for awhile…..


3 thoughts on “Lamentations over a lost treat

  1. I love chocolate, but chocolate covered pop rocks sounds too odd even for me. And this sounds odd, but ask at Dairy Queen if they would make you the old blizzard. Sometimes they still make ones they no longer carry. You have to get a long-time employee there, though.


  2. DK says:

    The Hippy is an ex-DQ employee who informed me they pulled the pop rocks blizzard because, well, pop rocks don’t keep well. Apparently they turned into a giant blob or something. I am, however, 100% interested in trying to make my own. When I have a decent freezer, I will attempt grape koolaid/pop rocks ice cream.

    I can guarantee you will be standing at the Jo-Ann checkout and see those pop rocks bars and consider them for at least a second. If you’re giving up chocolate next year, you should at least try it before then 😀


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